Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Xmas Railjam in Porsgrunn

Hallaoo, my buddy Paal-Jiffen and I went to Porsgrunn for a little in-city railjam just after christmas, and represented the whaaat out of that place. The setup was arguably the best I've ever seen, with a double piped 9 meter a-frame rail. oh yeah.

After the longest practice in history, which lasted for two hours, there was a good session and funky vibes with lots of friends, while some 'ill scratches and erra-erra's were provided from the local he-j.
Trendy moves went down, including basic combos, acrobatic flips, and studip one-footers. Dj Palayah took home the 3rd, me the uno, and another good friend of mine Jørn got 2nd place. Good fun:D

The wealthy sponsors handed out a lot of money to the top contenders, and some lovely backpacks to everyone who participated. Here are some photos from the extravagant happening, from various photowizards:





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