Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Robins Hood invitational, Tonsofpicz

SO i went to the Robins Hood invitational this weekend in hovden, it was totthaly awsomez! fun people, fun contest and sweet weather. Here are some pic's from the weekend!

Paal Jefen and Smith posin in the sun!

Steezy bitchech
After the contest we went up to Selmars kottoage and started climbing trees for some reason. But it was fun!

HAH! scaryz

Even though Pål is the worlds talles guy, he never goes over the speed limit.

I came third in the contest, and i won this thing! haha
It was actually pretty fun!
I was hungry so kristina made me a hamburger! BOYAA
In other news. Diriving and stuff! if yous a gangsta, and your ever drivin from Trondheim to Steinkjer, you should try and take "the Golden Detour" with is kinda fucked. But! there's a place ther called Gangsta(d)haugen !! hahah iz funni
You bedda watch out fool!

Heeeeeeeey i just passed 3000000 on my countingthingy! YEYAH
And last but not least, me and sigdawgz and Perå and Kire and hopefully some other mushrooms is goin to Ramundberget today to do the Piststilen contest witch is swedens big snowboard contest or somethin! you will get alot of updatez from there.
And allso!! there are some pix in this number of friflyt of Kire! dubb page!! PROOOPS
And allso x2 !! there are one dubbpage and one moore page and and artickle and shit of Simon aka Sico in Playboard! i will page dem prettty soon!
Mp is Outs!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sig Tveit - All eight

You maybe heard this headline made rhymes... That's cuz Siggy D is rolling with the gold and dimezzzzz!

Sigbjørn Tveit does all 8 swup, 270 of like UUUUUUGH from Jiblomats on Vimeo.

Whut ya'll know 'bout dat???

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today we went up to the mountains again, and we brought the rails cuz we hoped to find a spot where we could do a waterride to rail to wateride again, haha but we wernt that lucky.
So we decided to just do a waterride to a kicker just for fun!

Settin things up.

Buildin a Kicka in the wataah
I tryed it with a frontside rodeo first and it worked out pretty well! Then håtveit did a cab 1 to backflipp.

Frizzl rodeoz
I tryed to do some butters on the wather into a sw bs spin, wanted to do a ss bs rodeo or somthin but it was way to sketch. Andreas did a switch waterride on skies into a sw backflipp! it was pretty sick! did not kuite look that easy! hahah
After that, andreas finished it of with som sweet sprays and thats basicly it. Simon said he was going to popp one from their trip to Myrkdalen today but im not quite shure if thats goin to happend. Anyways! MP IS OUTz>

Sprayz on the wather, fire in the skye!!

Butter sw bs 3? painted together!haha

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shooting and shit! With the Mighty Håtveit

Aight! so ive had some fun buildin with the Håtveits lately.
At Monday we went all the way to Myrkedalen to try and get the jump done and start shooting it, but when we came there, the clouds was dissing us like hell. So we decided to go back to suddndaln and play halo 3 the hole day. it was pretty fun!

Then the next day we decided to do something stupid. so Jon took the Traktor and Me and Andreas brought a rail way up on the mountain to build a wierd feature. Andreas wanted to try and to a kicker-to-launcher-rail-to-roadgap-kinda-thingy. So that is basicly what we did!


Anyways. We build the thing at it locked pretty cool, and Andreas tryed it a couple of times and then he did some crazy shit on it, first a 270 and then a 630 of the rail and over the road. After that he blastet a huge backflip of the rail!! and its a single pipe?! He is fucked up in hes head sometimes! haha

630, just chillin...

Say wooooth? Fhoto by Emil ûberprofotoguy

So after Andreas session on the stupid rail setup, i did the roadgap a couple of times.. it was pretty fun! started of with a fs 7 to-noteveninthelanding-to-frontflip-to-starfishsuperflip-tofaceplant. And then i got a back 5 and fs 3. I should have hit it a couple of more times but im a lazy motha! hahah

Westbeach makes me lock like you want to lo like

BS Fizzl

FS Trizzl

That was yesterday... Today! we went spontanious and decided to go to myrkedal again. And we did. Me and Andreas was there like 9 and it was misty and cloudy and everything sucked, but we was like... well fuck it lets just try!
So we went up with one dude in a cat and shaped the whole kicker in like 3 hours! and by that time both Jon and the sun had popped up! so that was steezy bizniz!

Anyways,, we salted and steesed the spot up a little so that it did not look like pure shit. and then andreas and jon did their jumps and parashooting and shit and the results where pretty awsome mega extreme...

Here is a picture of the jump:


And tomorrow, Simon and some of he's crew is going to hit this beatchz, i just hope they deare to hit it! haha

And mega bigups to the incredible sweet blog made by the omegasupreeme Perå aka Perry,.

Tomorrow we iz tryin to do something more wierd and stupid then the rail to roadgap so that can be a fun blog! haha., Ceep upz the blogging !

and here is a link to a video from theGlorydayze contest:

MP is outz!



GIANT post!

Just got back from switzerland and the european final of Volcom's Peanut Butter and Rail Jam. It was heck of a trip, and we all had a good time. Mathias Nordby, Martin Ruge, Vegard Backe, Dina Treland, Yvonné Denne, Elise Elvehøy, the two kids Ådne and sindre and myself. The journey to the little village in the swiss alpes Les Diablerets was nice, and my Holga and my drawing-and-etc book (bogå mi) had a good time.

surrounded by huge mountains we took the gondola up to the glacier after a couple of days of relaxing and minishred sessions down in the village. It was saturday and contest-day. The setup was sick! I like it from the start, some standard stuff and someting new and creative! Thats always nice? Three loong rails. Flat down box, down rail, and a snowbox thing with a flat dooown rail on the side, with a little flat rail on top of the snowbox. Gaaap up to the rail. And also you could drop from the snowbox down to the flat down.

Minidudes first. Ådne was shredding and qualified to the finals. sindre was unlucky. Then the girls. Dina and Elise were shredding, Yvonne unlucky. Then 16+ heat 1. Both Vegard and Martin were shredding the dillwitz, 270's both the easy way and the hard way, gapping shit and not gapping shit. sweet! Vegard was suprisingly more hardcore than usual seeing that he forgot his snowpants in Norway, and had to shred with his jeans. Can ya diiiigggg that? Martin was his same creative and technical self, and was laughing the whole heat trough, popping little nollie back tail variations and grabbing his board while sliding.

16+ heat two. Me and mr. magooooo:D
He started hiking up when the speaker let us know when it was about time, while I decided to shred through the park and take the lift up, so I would barely make it. You know, kinda just glide into the heat after it startet. That was a bad plan. After getting of at the top and heading towards the start, this kid yelled at me:

"Hey, your binding is over there."

A little part of me died in that moment.

I ran around looking for a flat screwdriver for 10 minutes whilst everybody else was taking advantage of the 30 minute jam. Fuck screws and ancle straps. And thanks french guy for helping me. After getting back to the top,exhausted and out of energy, I barely managed to get in a decent trick on each of the three rails. But I didnt think it would be enough to make the finals, and it wasnt. Made me a little sad. The judge missing my trick didnt help much either. WHATEVER. enough crying :D
The finals started of with each of the groups shredding 15 minutes on each rail. After 15 minutes they swapped rail. Genius. After two hits Elise caught her edge on the rail, and slammed face first on the snow. KNOCK OUT. It was terrible, laying there motionless and making yucky sounds. We made her laugh when she woke up so that was nice, but she didnt remember anything so the HELI came and flew her to the hospital. Good Riddance. she's all good now.

Ådne made som good tricks in the juniors, and made 3rd place. Congrats!!
Magoon and Moulin Rouge were both shredding, and they both delivered heavy bangers. Back tail casanova on the downrail from Martin and insane combos from Mathias. Hardway shit, tech shit, you name it. The level of riding was iiiiinsane, good riders. Although some of them were relatively crazy. As in crazy rider.

The prize ceremony included insane amounts of stash to the top 5. We're talking ipods, skateboards, clothing, snowboards, plane tickets and stickers!!! MAthias got split 3rd place!! Fully deserved. Maybe even better? Winner was Marc swoboda, an international am or something for volcom, and also a judge in the competition. He was just shredding for fun and he won! He didn't like that at all so he gave all the stash to Dominik Wagner on 2nd place, thats cool. He also won best trick with a crazy combo, which he didnt enjoy either. He's a nice guy. Perhaps even up there with Andreas Håtveit and Danny Larsen!?! What do you think Emil?

We went back down, had a good meal and a KILLER party, and headed back home the next evening, after throwing Mathias' boots in the river. GOOD trip. Lots of laughs, lots of memories. Hopefully I'll get the shots I took with the Holga up on the blog!

emil on inlines

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Bizznizz!

€Yeyah, so since the last blog, this is whats up:

I went to Geilo and stayed at my brothers place with him and mats. then this weekend Simon aka Sisco went to Nesbyen to do a shooth with the mushroom filmer Martin Grønneberg and the Mushroomfotographer Øystein Kvanneid. AKA the Wideo- Wizards.

So me and mats decided to go to Hemsedal to do the Burton Glorydaze Slopestyle.

And on the road there we saw a dead rabbit, it was pretty sick.

Anyways, we enterd the contest and both of us qualified for the finals, and it was pretty fun, mats qualified as 9 and me as 10. so we bearly made it. schways! it ended up with me on 7. place and mats on 9. and it was fun as hell! Mister Gørthmonth Braathen won and i dont remember who came 2 and 3. But checkout and info will come i guess...
Miz Pigz, FS 7 day 1.
After that we wnet to nesbyen to Checkout the shoot where simon was, and we got some pics with the guys there, whom bytheway was killin it like crazy. it was fun. Probably kvanneid will popp a sweetone pretty sooon i hope! <3
Ok, so simon decided to join us back to geilo, and it turned out to be a battle between me and simon racing with our cars. and it was way too sick. but i won!!! cuz i went of road with my bigass tracktor kinda car in the end and made a shortcut! haha:P that was saturday.
On sunday, i went with the other NTG guys to hemsedal cuz mats stayed in Nesbyen. I just got my new steez goin from Westbeach (by the way, its the best clothing ever, so,, buy buy buy) and it was of the chainzzz. So i enterd the contest this day as well. and it was way more fun to snowboard when you have been snowboarding the day before! i Qualified and got a pretty sweet run in the finals witch was a fs board pretzl, ss bs 7, cab 9, bs 7, fs 9 (handrag), into a ss mctwist 7 in the QP. Duuude did i get suprised or what? haha!
i ended up on 4 place and im pretty stocked on that, Per Iver won, and Tor Lundström, our new Mushroom representative from Sweeden came 2 and Mista Krogstie on 3. Funny bizznizz!
Here are some Pics;

Dont you just feel like Westbeach is the way to go? Fs board pretzl

SS Mctiwst 7, and locking good in those eastery colours! WB<3

Per Iver Stompin Down a Huge bs 7.
So anyways. now im back in sudndaln, was goin to build the myrkdalen today but the weather was bad, so were chillin on thatone, it will be laterz though.
And word on the street is that perr, the perå of the blogg will popp a big one from Sweitz where he attended the WPRJ this weekend, hope too see that soon. and allso Påplice JEfen brecko will be bloggin any time!
Till then! MP is OUTZ!
Friday, April 17, 2009

Kicking it on the ass

Since Emil liked my asspatch shreddin so much I had to put up the video, made during one day in Åre for my brothers birthday video party. So, here it is..

Fonna and shit and stuf and something.....

Aight, so i promised y'all that i would pop some info on the Folgefonna. But first:
today i went to Myrkdalen, where me and andreas built the best kicker ever last year, and now we went back there to checkout some schaise for this year, and hopefully (only depening on the weather) we can build a meganice stepup kinda thing: this is what it will look like;

Tadaaaaa <3

Ok. so back to the fonna shit.

For you who dont know, folgefonna is a glacier on witch i and the Mushroommagic produce the greatest summerpark ever everey year. just so you know, its the best, ever, times a million.
So. my plans for this year is as following:

1)Go there (may 1)
2)Start building the 3 bottom kickers witch will be like threehoundred million times as big as the 2 i had last year, or at least a bit bigger since its goin to be 3 of them this year:
3)Put up last years rails.
4)Build alot of backflippy spine/ uberhight equals-maby-dobbelback-but-allso-chill-rodeo-kickers.
5)Then around the 8 of May im going to go and get the Mushroom Crew Signature Rail, its a blog about it further down somewhere.
6)And then, im building a Mega bigjump, and maby one more.
7)And of course a mega fun but allso gappable hip.
8)And then! i might build some rails or buy some rails or something depending on what kinda sponsords i get and stuff and things.
9)After that i migt make myself a nice dinner, or eat a WAFFLE
10)And finaly, shred the hell out of it.

After all this im probably going to build alot of other stuffz so its going to be packed.

Allso! im staying there from the 1 of may to the 1 of august so for all you shreddesz out there, just come shredd. all summer and all summer once more. its awsm.

And then! here are some pics of the snowconditions at folgefonna as we speeeekz, (12meeter?!)

Snow? yup

My cat, the Wild Cat gettin dirty;)

Mark Dubas and the Mighty Mush
Ok hope you liked that info kinda shit thing, and last but not least. A funny Video! HAHA

Gettin Stocked on Banana Milk eeh?
MP is Outz


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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