Friday, February 27, 2009



And in other news, im not getting my pass back, and it sucks,,, and im pissed, and they are retarded.
So. Stop beeing retarded and give me back my pass, or ill send the chipmunk on you

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Holy Oly Update nombrero Deux

Hi! There is this video, and here it is! BOOM

And then there is this video:

Holy Oly 2009 from YoBeat Magazine on Vimeo.

You are welcome!
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holy Oly Update nombrero Unoz


yeah You! So there is some news and stuff from the contest at The Libtech site klick here to read:

And then, for some superawsome mega pictures klick here;

Me and kire has got 2 pics each! BOOM

And i think there will be more blood pretty soon,.

Todays Ender is,
"Hey! You wanna peice of my bannana?!?"
Outz, MP
Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting back...

I'm sharing with you my thoughts of comming back to Norway...

When I was leaving US i thought to myself "It will be good getting back to Norway, see my friends ect ect!"....... Lets put it like this - I didn't have an issue about going back to Norway! BUT, now that I am back, I wish I wasn't... I know, Emil, this might sound wierd to you (because I know you miss norway) but STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN... The parks in Norway sucks! Spess. at the western part. Every night after I got home I've been dreaming about Colorado's kicker lines and rail set-ups. But what can I do?? Go visit Odd in Geilo?

Ok... I need some more media in my blog post more then only text, so here's a funny video with an idiot-girl in it. hihi

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seattle!! We made it!!

So we boked the fligts and all was good, we even stayed up all night playing scrable and drinking wisky so that we would not miss the shuttle to the airport. And everything was going great! we did not miss the shuttle and nothing was wrong, and thats when we kinda knew something was wrong. couse something is allways wrong! Anyways, we get to the checkin and punch in the numbers and shit, and it says, to early to check in. we check the watch and its like 1 hour to the plane leaves, and we are like, emhgmm,,, what?!? so we try again,,, and for some reason the thing says 20 of march?!?! daim, we booked the wrong date! HAAHA typical! we rush to some woman and say hi! fix it! and what does she do?! she fixes it! for only 150 dollar pr person!:D sweet! so anyways, we fly over to seattle.. and its all good! though the fuckup. stocked ass hell we get our bags and get picked up by trevor G at mervin. and from that point everything is sweet! this is our day: 1 stop, some brewery with free tasting of beer; so we taste alot of beer! SWEET! 2 stop, trevors house, we meet hes kickass dog called jameson and get some skatebananas! 3 stop, local store, get som fruits and som shit and some candy, its all good! 4. we go out to fiks som stuff for the competition,whit the libtech people, this includes finding hotdawgs, devciding what kind of buns that makes the hot dawgs lock the best. do we need salt and peppper?!?! haha, and picking the right pickles! and ofcourse guessing the pirce of about 500 hotdowgs,,, anthony won. 5. going out to eat the biggest pizza ever and dring some sweet beer! 6 go to sleep, but first of all blog this shit: aaaaaaaaaaaaand here's some pics! Mp

Friday, February 20, 2009


Now its on! Me an Kire is going to seattle in only 4 hours to compete on the holy oly anti contestcontest,, so wish us luck! massiff updates will hit you right in the face, if you stay on this site with you face sqwushed into the screen of your computer.

Here is a video of last years Contest!

the what now?!!

Peaaaaaaaaaaaaace out!
Piggy,.... miss piggy
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Story of the day

Well, we was in the park today, trying to do some QPipe and shit, and that was not too easy.. anyways. im crusing down from the park at the end of the day, and as i approach a "slow" sign i came to think about what someone said to me the other day:
"hey emil, can you jump over those slowsigns? they are way high!" and then i thought to myself, of course i can.
So i just jumped over one. And then, out of fuckin nowhere. Some dude in a red keystone jacked and a fucked up mustache came and stopped me. He asked me what my name was, and where i was from, i kindly answerd those questions. then he wanted to check out my keycard, so i gave it to him. Then he said; "how long are you here for?" and i repyed, "till the 11 of march", And then he said. "Well Guess what, Your not riding for the next 2 weeks"

And i have to take a safety class and shit, HAH FUCK THAT SHIT

Anyways, ill let you know how that shit turns out, but if im banned, im hikin all the way up to the park for the next two weeks, its only about 1.5 kilometers up there, haha

Peace out, MP
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Them Statez: HOLY OLY

SO, me and Kire might be going to the Holy Oly Revival. And its a bigass Quarterpipecontest in Snoqualime. And... you know. we dont know how to ride a QP at all.. witch kinda sucks. but well try. so... yeah... see you in hell-. MP
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny Shit

Hey! So the blogging has been kinda lame and not being and shit lately, and i dont have anything more to say than that the nines are coming biatch!
Anyways, to make things good agan. here are two way too funny videos that you can watch, for free! Only at The Mush Room.

Ehm, kinda makes me wounder about them people im in the states with, heh..

Im just like that every morning...

And to you other people with the ability to blog this shit, WHAT THE FUCK?! DO somtin!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Clearly Canadian Water

So, i have now settled pretty good in my new crib witch is pretty sweet! And i just sat thinking today, and i came to think about this one time, many years ago when i was a kid. I went to this gas station in my home town to buy some candiiz and shit. And i bought this glass bottled soda called Clearly Canadian, and it was just beautifull. It was just like i imagined "Purr-Purr Brus" from the book "Kabal Mysteriet" or the "Solitaire Mystery" to tast like. It was just awsome. But for some reason, just after a week there was no Clearly canadian left. And it never came back. Since i was so young i just dident think too much about it, but a year later i asked the guys at the gas station whatever happend to the canadian water thingy. And they said that i was gone forever. And all i had left was this memory of this magical drink. But some years later i was at fonna and i hade som canadian guys there, i asked them about it, and they said it did still exist. I tryed to get ahold of some BUT there was no hope. SO! While i sat here thinking about this incident many years ago, I tryed to lock it up and guess what! i found some info on it!( And then i found this website where i could order this magical drik. and i bought 2 sixpacks, one strawberry and one raspberry. It did cost me about 40 dollars. But HEALL yeah its gonne be worth it!

And to all you shromers. If you ever get the chance to buy this beautiful dring, then do so, and you will be filled with happynes and all good things.

Peace MP
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mushroom Cribs Vol. 2

Me and Kire has till now lived in a town called frisco, witch is located just between Key and Breck. Its about a 15 minute ride with a car to eather place. Though, we dont have a car, and the buss took us about 1 hour and 5 minutes, ONE WAY! But now, we have moved to Keystone City. Its pretty nice, kire moved in with Klas, Wiberg, The Slaugtherer and J-Okiz and i moved in just next door with Eline and John Olav. Heeell yeah, here is the new Cribs videobloggation!

Mushroomcribs #2 from Mushroom Production on Vimeo.

Anyways, Fellow Shrooms, give us an update! Blog som shit allready!

An finaly. a wierdass photo of me on the supway in Newyork and an extreemeawsome Pic of kire from the BC:

Hah! Splittface!

WowShitCrazy Mu'Fuckas?! orWHAT?

Gånz, MP
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Them Statez: BC shaize?

Just a couple of days ago, me, kire, sig, torkel and tengs went out to do some BC stuff. We Joined some locals to an old mineshaft thingy or something to create some magic.
After hicking in the worst snow ever we finaly found some deasent shit. The first thing was a 4 meter drop from a kliff down to the railwaylockalike thig, and from there a 6 meter dropp down from that again, Kire got a sickass shot droppin all 10 meters in a nice indynoseboone, im not shure if i can put that pic up so you will have towait and see.


I didnt go for the bigest one, couse i wanted to not die and all that. So i built a kicker up to the railroadthingy and used it as a butterbox to launch out over a three. This is what magician Daniel Thengs made of thatone! BOOM!

Fs 1 Melon, MP

Thats it for now, stay tuned for some more radicoulisioush shit!

Bojah! MP

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snowboard VS Jackie Chan

Hello world!

I was browsing some youtube vids the other day, and when I thought I had seen it all I came over "Jackie's top 10 stunts". Why not?

Well, after 5:55 I certainly had some respect for this crazy guy from Hong Kong.
The flick speaks for itself. Enjoy shrooms..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Im me, your you!

Hey gays! I've been lazy on my blogging, but i will improve (that goes to you EMIL)

Havent been riding too much since new-years, it was a huge party at the mushroom mtn lab and im still hung over! Noot..

Me and Simon went to Davos 4. January and by the 7. my shoulder was dislocated in some kind of way. Second day of practice for the O'neill Evolution i hooked on the wallride, slammed my shoulder and started crying.. NOT GOOD! Stay tuned for upz an datez! xray added for extra pleasure..


Well, im not quite impressed. There was only 3 people commenting on the competition, but just be that way if you wanna be lame... Anyways! It was a close call!! Jokke med kniven posted a madass Comment, and if he had not been my stepborther he would for shure had won!
The winner is therefore Klaus Finne out of Slovakia! Keep viewing the blog for more contests and shit! Allso! checkout the bail underneat! HAHA!

DollarDollarBill Yall!!


So, me and Jonas was filming lines and some other stuf in Keystone yesterday. What can i say? Shit happens! Enjoy

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just a HOLLAAAAHH AT CHA boys keepin' it real, YA HEARD!!
Emil...Mushrooom's off the hizzzaayyy!! TOO LEGIT!
Sunday, February 1, 2009

Commentational Contest!

But first, some updates: its been real shitty weather so we have not been shredding to much lately, kire is still fucked but he told me that he would rip hard on monday! Allso kire got a Dubble page in this issue of Pleasure Magaziiineh! Bigups for real! Tjekkiout ->


Allso my friend and mushroom repper Erik Happy Ness came all the way to the states just to give me a gift that he made himself! Pearlmade Mushrooms! its of the chain yall! tjekkem out too!

Haha Sweetness!

And finaly but not least in any way! The contest: Sicne we now got our counting devize down on or page, there have been allmost 1000 viewers in just a couple of days! SO! i Challange you viewers (and allso mushroom's) to comment the comment of all time! The rules are simple:

1.The comment has to be about somethig
2.Thats it, no more rules.

THE PRIZE: The winner of this contest will be awarder 10.00 DOLLARS IN SMOKIN FRESH 1.00 DOLLAR BILLS!!

SO, this is what you do: underneath this perticular blog it says "say What", now this is where you comment. go for it! The winner will be anounced on wednesday the first coming week!

That's it that's all, outz MP!


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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