Monday, January 5, 2009

Training Oneil evelution.

Hey there all!

Now im in Davos, Its so good. We had our first training on the slopestyle course today!
The kickers was really good!! first it was a down rail into a small stepdown kicker. Right after it was a pretty insane gap kicker not to big but you could still do 10s. After that it was a QP with a wallride. 
The training for me went pretty good. I was the guy who had to try the kicker first..
Went pretty good I liked it. Then I tried my competition line and that went good to. 5050 front 180 of the rail, cab 900 on the stepdown, front 1080 on the gap into a air on the QP. 
Gjermund killd it pretty hard, he did a backside 900 on the stepdown and then a cab1080 on the gap BANG!

Its training tomorrow again and im so stoked. Gonna go for some backsie and cab tomorrow i think.Here you have a pic of the gap kicker:

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