Friday, May 29, 2009

Whaz Krackin?


Today we got the cat workin again, so i was super mega supreeme about it, and i got to shape some kickers finally! allso i got to ride my snowboard for 3 runs! must be a world recorD!
Bomz! anyways, Me Kire LZG and Jonas aka Kjærstin. Shaped out the kicker for the Twintipp NM. Its going down tomorrow. SO the tripple line is not open for action before SUNDAY! SICK ASS SUNDAY! or wayt.. im claming:

SUNDAY IS HERE BY: Seven Sunday, SO all sevens has to be done! OR ELse, And everyone whom makes them gets 20 of the skillpoints:

Here is a picturationation of the tripple line taken by Jan Ove:

U like it, oh yes, i know you like it.

Allso we got the Factor Films up here to do a fhwotosjoosting And the Fijld Productions came up to do some Sniping on the big ass kicker, WITCH! i rebuilt today AND its Going to bee soooooooo goood so you wont even know it. Its just Biiiii................(wait for it).........SUPERMEGAEXTREEEM!!

Yeah well, here is a picture of me in the cat pusjin some snow!

I went back to being a Cat person again,.

Though! For some reason, my cat does not go Mijau,.,, it goes "peeep peeep peeep".. And it kinda Conserns me., gotta be the wildcat.

In more interresting News... I GOT 50 Skillpoints today! cuz i touched the black Cow.

But, Sadly, Kire and LZG allso did so they got more than me...

Oh ands sorry for all the Cow videos, we will make snow snowboard videos soon,, just be patient!

The What now?

Well, thats it thats all... more shit tomorrow perhaps?





We finaly got the cat fixed, so i was like waaay stocked, AND! we finally, got the Mushroomcrew Signature rail!! YEYAH!
So we got that shit up and some box shit, Allso we got to dig the kickers out and they look awsome! fresssssh! THOUGH! the cat just died on me on the very top of the glacier so im like fuck this shize... so i dont know, we is fix it thomorows? kinda tierd of fixin the cat, then starting it, then it breaks again.. it sucks ass.

If you wanna know how smooth the Mushroomcrew Streetseries Rails is... Checkthisout?!

Kire, AKA the mighty Nils Eriks M K pops a sweet one on the sweet one!

In other News. Jonas is here! and thats pretty awsome! and the sun is coming tomorrow! so at least something is not fucked like shit all the time.

Here is a video of a box? i dont know,. FUCK THIS SHIT!


OH but yeah, fonna still rocks,, just come shredd its way too good, though im more and more becoming a Dog person,,, i hate cats...

Words on the streets is that Paal Breckoh The tall mista police! is coming up here tomorrow! might be funking amazing!BITCHES


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We are Prostitutes!


Today we tried the new and improved tripple line. Bigger, longer and more airtime. Fycking awesome..

Later on we dug out the bonksticky thingy , witch we are going to put up in the park hopefully tomorrow. Me and Kire tried to do it our way. A.K.A the wrong way..


Big Chunck of Snooo

Kire Got skillpoints, Kow got pissed


Got some sweetass skillpointz today, wanna see how that hapened...peep this


The score is: Kire 200p, LZG 150p and Emil whit 90p

You iz Prostitutes

keep those lips pink and shiney/ LZG

Monday, May 25, 2009

Late Superpark update!

It was alot of fun there, the sun was shining everyday and the kickers was huuuuge. I was really sick the first days so that was bad.. I thougt i had the Swineflue haha. But then i was riding the last 2 days and that was fun! I really wanna go there next year again but then i have to make sure im not getting ill. After superpark we went to Reno and that was cool, huuuge casinos everywere. First time i was on a casino.. i couldnt play but whatever i dont wanna use money on those things:P Im now home in Ulricehamn, Sweden and chilling. Im gonna start train up my body 3 days a week so im ready for next season! I was in Malung 3 days ago and checked out my new school.. Looks really good and i got some school to do now in summertime so i can travel next season:) Hope you all doing good! have a nice day.

Boring Blog

Hey yaah!

Sorry that we havent been bloggin for a while. But there has not been nuthing to blog about!
So anyways... this is whats up:
We had the best park setup ever. BUT some Ski Cross Tards Fucked up the whole shit by fuckin up our landings and kickers, and after that they sprayed the whole park with blue pain so we got pretty pissed.
BO NOT FEAR! Cuz we was just up there and rebuildt the park to perfection and its sooo awsome right now! YEYAH!

well anyways, We got up some rails and shit and had an sweetass contest with SNOSURFSKATE and it was fun.

I havent got any goodies for you today so here is one more video of us tryin too scoore some skillpoints!

Jävla Dagis

Oh and i stuck my finger in The LZG's nose and in Kire's Mouth HAHA

Im sorry for all the Retardness, but we iz bored


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello Shrooms

This is my first blog here in the mighty mush blog. There is not much snow here in Tallinn so I just try to make you laugh or cry with this great movie trailer!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Then i say whaat?! Fonnaupdates


So we finally started this years Skillpoint session and Johan desperatly tryed to get in a good lead though he failed badly, Kire sofar is in the lead with 100 poing and me on the last place with minus 30.

As you all know, Skillpoint is what defines you skill in various things or stuff.. But manly, touching cows on the way up to the glacier. All mushroomers and other people are in this magic competiton, and as we all know, the winner gets 500 NOK worth of Gomp, the Candy.

Anyways, here is a video of Johan aka LZG aka Lip-Ztick-Guy, when he tryes to get some of them beautiful points..


And allso! the park buildilations are goin pretty good! the tripple line is soo sweet like a mothafocka, so GOD DAIM!

Today we buildt some fun shit on top of the mountain. Had to try out like a million things to get shit right but it ended up with a launchy butterbox into a roller into a popgap, into one more popgap, into a bigger popgap, into a Retardspine into a bs Corner. SO YEYAH!

Here is a video of the feature. i suck at filming and snowscootering at the same time but its awsome extreem. AND SOON WE WILL GET THE RAILS UP!

And some pictures..



YEAH so come shredd fonna and ill give you a high five!

AND By the Way! JOHAN the lipztickguy HATES bitches that dress up in costumes though they dress up sexy and not take it to the fullest... let me show you what he means..

He' Hates this...

This is he's cup of tea...

The End, Outz, MP

Friday, May 15, 2009

Siiiick dude!

Wazzup! great news. Soon we'r done with the Jon Olsson jump after a couple of days hard work. After a few days with early mornings and late nights we'r finally done with the tripple jump line.

Can't wait to shredd that shit tomorrow. 
here is a pixtah of me an kire shapin ze jump:


Kire accutally fell down from up there and straight to he's face, AND NOONE SAW IT! hah.
Here is a video of me and kire, and yes, we are celeberties..... cuz we is in it:

Urklemning gånger tuzen

Anywho, we got the tripple line done today! and its locking exatly like the 3d photos that Miss Pizzl put up some days ago! and if you are not sick, like kire, then you should come and shredd themz rightaway!

Im feelin alittle tursty, so i got to shuvah. Peace.


Me and Lars was snowboarding in tärnaby Today! the sun was shining and We had alot of fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introduzing Johan! The lipstickguy

Whatupwhatupp? sorry that the posting has been bad, but ive been working on fucking up machines and shit.

Finally we got some nice wather! its awsome extreeme. i accutally got to do some snowboarding as well!!

Erik and Johan came 3 days ago., and of course we had to test Johan in a game of Scratch. (all 1's all 3's and so on)

So we decided that the loser would have to weare pink lipstick til the end of the month!! HAHA and guess who lost! JOHAN THE LIPSTICKGUY!

Here is a move from after he's final Bail, giving him 3 dots and lipstick for a month.

In other news. Me and Jon made a fun kicker in the rain just before the sun came out. I tryed hitting it with a akebrett (sledthingy) and Jon did a sw bs rodeo of it!! its pretty fun. Here is the video from that session:

And finally. Things went well with the cat, but then i brok the whole thing that hold the blade.. in 3 fuckin pices... it was so fucked i could not even beleve it. BUT! then today, me and Sven Olaff Fixed it. so if you got a price for being skilled? then give it to us, cuz we tha best.

And the big kicker will be done by tomorrow!

AND! Nothing else!

OH wait. Jokke also came and he is stocked!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good news and a big fat cake!

So yesterday was my 21:th birthday and I went by ICA Maxi to buy some snus. As I walked by the shelfs with soda i saw that they have started to sell Mountan Dew!!:) thats great news for me considering I almost lived on Mountain Dew during our time in Colorado. Later when I got back to my house my Mum and Girlfriend made me this awsome cake. If you look closely you can se that it is a Flat-Down-flat rail behind the mushroom. On the other Picture you can see me hanging out in the Motorvehicle with a Dew and the first Mushroom in the car so far.
Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mushroom Cribs Volum play record shit

Hey, woootuuubz?

I finally got a place to stay. and i tryed to make a cribs episode, but it aint that funneh cuz im livin by myself... soo it aint that funne.. THOUGH! its extremly funny when i try to say refridgerator.. i seem to be a retardt or somethin

And im buildin a tripple line and it poppin into a sweet jib island or something fresh but here is the idea, got the landins all fixed and shit so i just need som visabilatyz and ill get them bitchez done!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Kire is made of magic


Kire broke he's neck.

HAHAHHA retard, thats what you get for not bloggin!!

But then he got cured in 1 day cuz he rides for the Mushroom Crew! So he is on he's way to folgefonna!! Think About that for a while!

I like cows..

This thing got broken today on the cat, but ill fix it... though it sucks

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Folgefonnz, GOOODIE!

Yeyeah! what up? now thingz are finally gettin done! i likeitalot!

Fixed the machines up sweetly today,,, and got to build alot of shit.,. so now im stocked! allmost got the tripple line done and ive only been workin for like 8 hours in the cat.. BITCHEZ!!!:D



hihihihi MP OU_T

Folgefonnz, snow

I just got up today,, Tons of tons of snow.... not shure when we get up there today,, but i eager to start buildin some park... cuz so far ive only been diggin snow aroung my car allmost! its snowin like hell up here!!

Here is a video from the Jon Olsson blog, ( we went up and got stuck and shit... its fun.. you could really se the amount of snow thats poppin right now!

MP is Outz!
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I need TP for my bonghole!

Lets say there izaint lotz to do here in Geilo now that summers on its way.. buuut wait. Sisco had the best idea ever. In between our classes Simon went to ICA gråssery shop, bought some first prize tp (for the bonghole). First prize was the best to match Yvonnes car, its not because we are broke as bats:/

Denna harru venta på piggy!

Factor Films Teaser Time!

YEYAH! Checkout the new teaser from Factorfilms "They Came From"
Simon Fossheim (Sisco) is in it, he is the dude that does a fs 7 or something into a late corck into one more late corck, bitchin shit!!! Checkit and weepz:


In other news.. Fonna is Great!! Today we fixed the Cat that i broke yesterday and i can start buildin the park again tomorrow! SWEET!

Me, Jon and Josh went up late today to try and build some backcountry, we drowe up and got stuck in the snow, so i had to go get the Wild Cat again to drag us out.. but it worked out fine. we spot checked for a while and started buildin a handplant jib. here are some pic's from today!

Mmmm fixed



Then for Somethin completly different: yesterdayz when i commented on a blog i had to type in this safety word and guess what it was:!!! hahahhaha

it says rompi, indeed..

Peace. MP

Skate or Die, pizza pie, chickens tie, aint no lie, bithces

Yeyeah! im stuck down in Jondal still cuz there is too much snow this mornin... just waitin for the snowfrizzlah to clear the road so i can fix the cat. and build some massif jumpz.

Anyways! Josh the mighty Knox made this freschalicious video of he's brotha whom iz a skateboarda from låndån. The big brit Tom Knox. Check it outz, Cuz MP is OUT!

Whaaaat? i say whaaat?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Folgefonnz The worst day ever.

SO, Today sucked totally ass... well it wasn that bad cuz it came like at least 50 cm of fresh pow!!! so, pow wow wow jippy jo jippi yeyah.
But allso the snow and the bad wather was kinda the thing that made it so shitty., For a starter, i drowe up to work early in the mornin, and i saw this car that had slipped of the road cuz of all the snow, and i figured that i had to drive up to the skicenter and get the cat to pull it out. When i got 6 meters past the car who had slipped out... well, then i slippe out on the other side!!HAHA real nice. SO we had to walk up to the skicenter to get the cat to get both cars out.

Me off the road takin a pic of the other car thats of the road. good times...

Had to bring in the "Wild Cat"
Aight so anyways... That took like ages, so i was planning to go down, but luckily Alv The Man Came and claired the road with the big snow remowalthingy... So we got up to the glacier..
Alv The Man, He's Rail will be up in a Couple of days!
Well, i thought we could continue buildin on this park and i was pretty stocked cuz of all the snow, and after 1 hour of retarded noises from the cat, (witch turned out to be lack of water), i started to go up the mountain. I pushed some snow for about 30 minutes and wanted to take a lock at shit from the side, just to get all proportions right and shit... so this is what i did: Drowe to the side. but apparently, the cat (not the Wild Cat) decided to try to siucide! So it poped the right Belt of and it went straught of the whel's and Inwords into the machine!?!???! WHAT THE FUCK!? so the machine is a total mess and hopefully i can fix it tomorrow but its such a retarded thing... so im pissed, so fuck you whoevers fault it is.. BITCHES!
And to top this beautiful day off... When i was goin down, suddnly theres a man in the road, probably some russian dude, claiming that he is going up to the glacier so i had to move my car?! First of all, i was not movin my car, second ... there's a metre of snow on the road?! he would never get up there.. SO he had to start backing up... and Guess what,, he was russias worst sjofør ever! he used allmost 1 hour to back up 150 meters,,, so im pissed,, WHATEXZ
But in other news:! Fun shit!:D
Bigups to Kire And Simon for theis shots in friflyt and Playboard.. here are the pic's!
Simon Fossheim.. Noseprezz
Bomb Dirzzl By Sisco
Erik Karlsson, aka Kire.. FONNA REPPP!

This is My beauty for the summer!
As you all can see I have alot to do on the inside. And I also have to do alot with car itself. I'ts going to be a big mushroom on both sides later on. As soon as I'm done I'll travel to Fonna with this Bad-boy. boyah!
Monday, May 4, 2009

Oslo S

Right now I'm on my way back home after a nice trip to Sweaden. I was there to ride Piststilen 2009 i Ramundberget. Tho' the competition didn't go too well, I had a really nice time! I would also like to use the opportunity to thank the Boberg-family for letting me stay, and Danni-boy Boberg for giving me a ride to Oslo. Oslo is actually the place where I'm at right now. I'm at Oslo Sentralbanestasjon where I've just been enjoying a nice "Whopper Piñata" on Burger King... And since they also offers internet to their customers, I'd like to give them something back by recomending Burger King to all you hungry shroomers out there!

Here's even a pic of the line at Burger King, with me in the front:

Hahahaha, check out the fool who's spotting the camera!

Like that wasn't enough, here is the funniest video on (for you guys who understand sweedish):


The man that never falls

I was just looking at random clips from last season and i found this sick clip of Jonas. It´s in Kläppen in sweden on Burton AM tour. Jonas, Lands on the knuckle in the first and biggest jump but just look at the clip and you'll se that he rides away still standing on the board after a hard bounce. His knees didn't like that. What do want to say with this? I guess that I want to say that Jonas is one hell of a stomper even tough he doesn't think so himself sometimes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hey! i just got to fonna and its awsome!!

Im startin to build a kicker 08:00 tomorrow and then the rest of the park. Allso im makin a shoot for jonolsson and some guys and i think its goin to be sick, we made an idea of the kicker today and this is what its goin to be like!

And tomorrow im poppin a new update again so Stay on The Mush Room!
Mp is Outz
Saturday, May 2, 2009

So i'm sitting in Ramundberget today and my Head isn't feeling that great. But i'll tell you. It was totally worth it! Piststilen are the one and only snowboardfestival in sweden and with all the hangouts below the corner it felt like some kind of reunion between alot of people. Next up is Folgefonna. Emil is the parkbuilder and he has promissed a sick park, so to all of you who like parks. GO TO FONNA THIS SUMMER! :)
Friday, May 1, 2009

ramiz Beybeer-carzz

w-zuuuup niggahs! Me and Beyeeer are sitting in ramundberget and chilling. Today It was Semifinals and superfinal, I did a fs 1080 but I didn't reach the superfinal. Sad but true. Now we are starting to get our freak on and going to the "krog". hopefully we'll see alot of puking and nasty shit!! Happy for us we had alot of fun during this weekend:) pics are comming in a while!

Peace out A-town Down. Weooweoooo


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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