Sunday, January 18, 2009

Them Statez: Keystown mmMMmMMmHMM!

SoooOOo.. Keystone is prettymuch heavenly fresh! i want to marry that plase, take her to a plastic segury spot and shave some of the popp of, cuz thats the only thing i dont quite like about that place. well ill get used to it. Kire was on he's board again today. he could not ride so he just locked like a gangsta riding aroung with a open jacket. HAHA!

Allso i discoverd that i might just suck bigtime at jumping, it strock me when i planted my face in the landing as i attemted to do a frizzl 7. practice makes perfect thay say, though i would think it more likely would give me a halfaface.

Anyways. some pic's, not having anything to doo with anything.




Kire 15 min before he slams totheground.

Me, Westbeach made look so darn hot right now! Booojaaah!

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Anonymous said...

Yo . nice clips.
Email me.

Mats said...

Got steez?


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