Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lazy Treat #3

Sooo, i was in key today to get my chillshred on, i knuckled yesterday and fucked my heel up so i figured i would only do some straitairs and cozy rails. But then suddenly Andreas was standing behind me with a camera, and he was all like, "hey biatch you better step the game up cuz you on camera now boiiii!" and i was all like "what?" and he had this crazy ass killer look in he's eye so i just did my best. We did a couple of houndred thousand runs and edited for about 3 days or so, or like 5 minutes. this is what we put together, you ARE welcome.

WOW! Shitcrazy Keystone Miss Piggy Shred, Mushroom Prod. Andy-OW ReeeMiXXX from Mushroom Production on Vimeo.

Peace outz, Mizz piggyz.

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Anonymous said...

ÅÅÅ det var jo en helt sykt rå edit! faktisk en sefleregangeredit! hehe.. sykt ustoka på at jeg hadde hviledag nå ass! i morgen tar jeg med kamera og så lager vi en til!! boya:)


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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