Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still in Geilo

Hello people!

Martin Grønneberg and me are still in Geilo filming for the upcomming movie:
"I'm Here, Out There"
We're still getting shots, even though the weather has not been on our side.
In a total of ten days, we have had two where the sun has come out.
But that's not putting a stop to the production!
I've got about 15 solid shots, and some quite OK.
Sorry for not publishing to much here on the site, 
but gotta keep the shit secret untill later on.
But as usual, I got a halfass shot coming your way, and some lifestyle aswell.
Enjoy the shots.
Best of regards from, Martin, Tiller, Bäckström, Fossheim, Mats, 
Østreng, Clahs, Aannestad and Myself!

Searching for new spots...

Reusing old spots...

Grønneberg, Aannestad and Fossheim getting some snacks 
for a nice chillsession after a long day!

The boys after a good session! Fossheim, Tiller and Østreng

The cops tried to bust us for "illegal crossing of a road". 
This "illegal" crossing was the guys dropping in on the up-rail.

Simon got loads of shots, and here is your action for this time.
Catch ya later!

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Miss-PiGGy said...

mæd shit crazy kvannulf!!:D i likeitalot!


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