Monday, January 26, 2009

Oneil Evolution, European open & World Rookie Fest.

Hi there all.

My winter so far have been perfect! Alot of fun.
The best thing started at the Oneil Evolution in Davos.
Ive allredy been riding much this season so Im in my best shape right now.
First it was a Qualification at the Evolution, Went pretty good for me i won the qualification. 
Really really happy about that. After that we had some days training at the course. I was
trying out some new tricks for the finals so i could show up them on the finals hehe.
Well on the finals i was so stoked. It all started with a round32 finals. 
It was 8 heats with 4 persons in each heat. I was against Jakko Ruha, Anti Auti & Henning Mathinssen.
Me and Jakko made it. After that i was up against Jakko and I was lucky and made it there to =)
Then i was up to maybe the best rider on the comp! Sebastian Toutant. He crashed all hes run so i was
really lucky there! Then i had to ride against the winner Janne Korpi. I did my best but he beat me hehe.
Overall that was a good competition and i ended up as 3rd so i was really stoked about that!
I did tricks like, bs 9, cab 9, cab 10, front 10 & the trick i love most front 10 shifty shifty.
Good weekend in Davos =)

After that i went to laax for the Burton European open!
So sick course there, I was stoked about my runs i came at 3rd place on the prequalification but 
then i went out on the qualification :/ I did cab 9, bs7 to front 1080. Well you cant make it 
everytime=) Fun weekend there aswell!

Then it was time for World Rookie fest in Livigno, Italy.
It was 3 SUPER big jumps on the XL line. So much fun. 
The qualification didnt go to good but i still made it to the finals, so im happy about that.
Day after qualification it started to snow crazy! So much powder and so much fun-.
On the final day we had to ride the Large line becuas it was to much powder to ride the XL line.
t was 4 jumps- i did cab900, bs720, front1080, bs900.
I underrotaded litlebit on my front 10 but i was still stoked about my run :)
I came at 2nd place 0.2 points after the norwegian Staale sandbech!

Now im going home to Norway for some school and filming with Martin Grönneberg! Stoked.

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Miss-PiGGy said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeet ness!:D

Marty said...

Kommer til å bli bra Kevin (: Bli frisk du nå!


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