Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Treat #5: Ninthward edit Sigdawgz

Ohhhhh, another edit huuuuuh?

That's right, but split what you expected to see in two and mount the bindings forward...

Here's some open-jacket-action from Sigbjørn Tveit! - Sig Tveit on Keystone rails from Sigbjørn Tveit on Vimeo.

Take it easy kids...


Lazy Treat #4

I got this one from the ripperooo Pål Sørensack and Sondre, who is rippin breck these days!

Untitled from Mushroom Production on Vimeo.

Say WhAT?!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Frisbi, Colorado

Heeelo, little update from America. Weather have been crap the last week so we haven't got the chance to hit the kickers (when I say "we", that means me and some other guys). Sooo I've been hitting rails this week (I = me). We all know rails are fun, but I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can get Keystoned in Keystone's big line!

Last night me, Emil and Kire saw one of Emil's favorite movies - Pulp Fiction! The reason why we saw it is cuz they both started laughing at me when I told them I had never seen it. I thought it was pretty sick. Here's a picture of Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction:

Here's Dave Chapelle as Samuel L. Jackson:

funny, huh?

Aaaaanyway, people have been commenting the mushroom stickers on my skis (!!!). I allways look at their faces and consider if they're worth a sticker or not.

I will maybe post a rail edit tomorrow, but only if you ask for it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where's Mushroom?

Pørrays back in jizz for some trendsetting posts.
Press to enlarge, then find the hidden mushroom!

Finders WILL be rewarded. Maybe.

More useless info from Mushroom mountainlab in Geilo

Jepp, once again, we're sitting her in the mushroom suite in geilo with Betty Kvanneid and Martin the chosen one after two weeks of filming for the new movie (Im here, out there). Got some mega shots and lots of gooood times! Been some days with crappyshitcrap weather, but we all had our laptops and facebook.

Betty and the chosen one are leving geilo, but we have allredy plan'd some new Geilo sessions. And you know that? De e najs!

I'm Here, Out There by Video Wizards

Hey guys!

Just joined the Mushroom Crew blog and wanted to give you all a quick update on what I'm up to this winter:

As you might know from some of the older posts, Øystein Kvanneid and I are currently working on an European snowboard movie called
"I'm Here, Out There".
The movie will be distributed as a free DVD insert to Playboard Magazine in Norway, and most likely, Method Magazine in Europe.

Doing some magic in the early days of my production company, Video Wizards

"I'm Here, Out There" will include riders as:

My new movie tells the story about nine up-and-coming snowboarders spending a winter together trying to get bangers. As well as being the highlights of a year of hard work, the movie will include a behind-the-scenes approach, showing the true colors of sessions, friends, blood, sweat and tears. Be sure to check out a complete documentation of our year of filming
September 2009.

Here you go.
A first look at at the cover shot for "I'm Here Out There" 
exclusive for Mushroom Crew blog users.

I'm really hoping everyone are enjoying some cold, white months.
Catch up with you guys later!

- Love from Marty & Kvanneid

Still in Geilo

Hello people!

Martin Grønneberg and me are still in Geilo filming for the upcomming movie:
"I'm Here, Out There"
We're still getting shots, even though the weather has not been on our side.
In a total of ten days, we have had two where the sun has come out.
But that's not putting a stop to the production!
I've got about 15 solid shots, and some quite OK.
Sorry for not publishing to much here on the site, 
but gotta keep the shit secret untill later on.
But as usual, I got a halfass shot coming your way, and some lifestyle aswell.
Enjoy the shots.
Best of regards from, Martin, Tiller, Bäckström, Fossheim, Mats, 
Østreng, Clahs, Aannestad and Myself!

Searching for new spots...

Reusing old spots...

Grønneberg, Aannestad and Fossheim getting some snacks 
for a nice chillsession after a long day!

The boys after a good session! Fossheim, Tiller and Østreng

The cops tried to bust us for "illegal crossing of a road". 
This "illegal" crossing was the guys dropping in on the up-rail.

Simon got loads of shots, and here is your action for this time.
Catch ya later!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Oneil Evolution, European open & World Rookie Fest.

Hi there all.

My winter so far have been perfect! Alot of fun.
The best thing started at the Oneil Evolution in Davos.
Ive allredy been riding much this season so Im in my best shape right now.
First it was a Qualification at the Evolution, Went pretty good for me i won the qualification. 
Really really happy about that. After that we had some days training at the course. I was
trying out some new tricks for the finals so i could show up them on the finals hehe.
Well on the finals i was so stoked. It all started with a round32 finals. 
It was 8 heats with 4 persons in each heat. I was against Jakko Ruha, Anti Auti & Henning Mathinssen.
Me and Jakko made it. After that i was up against Jakko and I was lucky and made it there to =)
Then i was up to maybe the best rider on the comp! Sebastian Toutant. He crashed all hes run so i was
really lucky there! Then i had to ride against the winner Janne Korpi. I did my best but he beat me hehe.
Overall that was a good competition and i ended up as 3rd so i was really stoked about that!
I did tricks like, bs 9, cab 9, cab 10, front 10 & the trick i love most front 10 shifty shifty.
Good weekend in Davos =)

After that i went to laax for the Burton European open!
So sick course there, I was stoked about my runs i came at 3rd place on the prequalification but 
then i went out on the qualification :/ I did cab 9, bs7 to front 1080. Well you cant make it 
everytime=) Fun weekend there aswell!

Then it was time for World Rookie fest in Livigno, Italy.
It was 3 SUPER big jumps on the XL line. So much fun. 
The qualification didnt go to good but i still made it to the finals, so im happy about that.
Day after qualification it started to snow crazy! So much powder and so much fun-.
On the final day we had to ride the Large line becuas it was to much powder to ride the XL line.
t was 4 jumps- i did cab900, bs720, front1080, bs900.
I underrotaded litlebit on my front 10 but i was still stoked about my run :)
I came at 2nd place 0.2 points after the norwegian Staale sandbech!

Now im going home to Norway for some school and filming with Martin Grönneberg! Stoked.
Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Ya Shroomers!

ME( Pål ) and Tommy Larsen has been out trippin' for the last 2 weeks.
Since i did'nt get into the us, we took the first flight to Austria for 10days shredding and drinking some cold local beers! We Got to Mayrhofen wich was a great place with a good snowboard park and we iven found some hidden pow lines!
After 6days here, we headed to St Anton, a pretty crappy place where we stayed the rest of the trip!
Yeah, we are now planning where to go further, but we have no idea! Please hoock us up with some reccommendations within the whole worls exept USA!! We will be happy for any suggestions!!
SO, here we are in Oslo! The Capital of Norway! Whaaaaaat!!!!
We've been filming the last 3days with Next Productions witch turned out great!
Many hard bails, many stomps and soo soo much fun!!
Well im not so into this english styled bloggin', so i just say stop for this time!!!
And juppppp, let me just say hello to you guyes in USA hope ya'll having a nice time!!!
Stay Shrooomed! Love Jefen and Larsen:
Saturday, January 24, 2009

Non shaving generation

So me , Kire and Miss-Piggy decided to not shave for the whole trip to Colorado. I'm going to CO Monday morning and beacuse of that we will start the "non shaving generation" from now until we get back. As you can se my cheek is now like an babies butt, Clean and dry. And now let me teach you a typical Swedish word: "Moppemush". It means a mustach with alot of confidence but with few and thin hair (You are defenetly going to see some in the coming 6 weeks).
PS. Watch out for Kires huge and fearfull Mustach!
Friday, January 23, 2009


Alright people!
So I got the new design down.
Let me know what you think!
- aaaand, for your viewing pleasure;
a lazy nightsession shot of Simon doing a malon fakie here in Geilo.
We're getting the shots down, but can't put 'em all up here.
So enjoy this halfass shot. I'd say better than nothing!


X Gay's`? what the fuck?!?

I just finnished watching the X Games Big air. Im shocked, what are these stupid americans doing?!! First of all, they build the worst slopestyle course ever to be seen on the face of the earth! And then they have such a sucky setup for the Big Air, that its just Ass, nothing less than pure ass. They let the americans, and only americans decide who wins? And clearly americans are retards or something when they manage to give Mikkel Bang 2 % of the votes when he stomps down the best sw 1260 ever?? And Then again lets TRice take the win, Reverting both his runs, and Horgmo Stomping the sw bs 12 like crazy??! I got pissed and wrote them and agry e-mail.
But to cheer you guys up, here's a totally random video of an old woman in a golfcar that i filmed.

Outz MP
Thursday, January 22, 2009



WOW! Shitcrazy Keystone Miss Piggy Shred, Mushroom Prod. Andy-OW ReeeMiXXX High Quwality shit YO! from Mushroom Production on Vimeo.
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lazy Treat #3

Sooo, i was in key today to get my chillshred on, i knuckled yesterday and fucked my heel up so i figured i would only do some straitairs and cozy rails. But then suddenly Andreas was standing behind me with a camera, and he was all like, "hey biatch you better step the game up cuz you on camera now boiiii!" and i was all like "what?" and he had this crazy ass killer look in he's eye so i just did my best. We did a couple of houndred thousand runs and edited for about 3 days or so, or like 5 minutes. this is what we put together, you ARE welcome.

WOW! Shitcrazy Keystone Miss Piggy Shred, Mushroom Prod. Andy-OW ReeeMiXXX from Mushroom Production on Vimeo.

Peace outz, Mizz piggyz.
Sunday, January 18, 2009

Them Statez: Keystown mmMMmMMmHMM!

SoooOOo.. Keystone is prettymuch heavenly fresh! i want to marry that plase, take her to a plastic segury spot and shave some of the popp of, cuz thats the only thing i dont quite like about that place. well ill get used to it. Kire was on he's board again today. he could not ride so he just locked like a gangsta riding aroung with a open jacket. HAHA!

Allso i discoverd that i might just suck bigtime at jumping, it strock me when i planted my face in the landing as i attemted to do a frizzl 7. practice makes perfect thay say, though i would think it more likely would give me a halfaface.

Anyways. some pic's, not having anything to doo with anything.




Kire 15 min before he slams totheground.

Me, Westbeach made look so darn hot right now! Booojaaah!
Saturday, January 17, 2009

Them Statez: Quick update

Hey Bitches, whatsup?

Sorry that we have been lazy on the blogging but its fun to ride, indeed it is as well!

Anyways: this is whats up

We went to breck, and it sucked, so yeah,, bummer.
Kire tryed the first jump and overshooted it with a couple of kilomiters and took out hees knee and hes akillies heel attachment thingy, but hopefully hes good to go in a few days. Breck has the most poppyest kickers ever, for some reason, but i can live with that, just get yoused to it, u know. BUT! what the hellz is wrog with those guys?? that fucking lift takes about an hour to ride and its sooo slow its pure stupid, thats why breck sucks!

So i went to keystone today, and it was awsome, just awsome. though they allso have way too poppy kickers, And this is me saying that, and i usually build poppy kickers! sooo, whats up with that? i donno...

Pics and moviz will come to you in short!

And bytheway! what are you otherguys dooing? im feeling like it me and kire thats blogging this shit, and we are like onehundred peepl SOooOOO DOIT!

Outz, M`P
Thursday, January 15, 2009
Aight! So we started our day walking around the ganstah stores in NJ. it was pretty fun, but waaay to cold. Then we went to Newark to catch the plane to Denver, and it was waaay too much fuckup with the security and shit but we made it.

Anywayz, when we came to Denver, we acctually managed to stack all 10 guys into 2 cars. Manly thanks to Jons Overpimped ride!! Its ooff tha huuckz! DAIM!

Blingzzzzzz? Ehm... just dont.

And Now! to the finest peace of this Blog. The cream of the cheeze!
ITs the Crip Section, with Sigdawgz as the host and Me maiself and I as the cameraman.
Its all good ALL! good. EnJOY!

Mushroom Cribs CO from Mushroom Production on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Them Statez: Mornin Glory New Jersey

whadup? Were in NJ now, and we did some early morning boarding. Some quick pixz!'


Emil Fossheim, Halfcab, New Jersey Erik Karlsson, Cab 9, New Jersey

We be Goin to the Frisco now!


Them Statez: New York by Night!!!

So me and Emil just started our trip to the states today, first stop was New York. We will update you on the trip as we go. This one is a bit short due to the jetlag.

Oslo airport.                              


We started the trip today and we stoped in New York to check out the town and rest before we continue to Frisco. 
The town was super nice, the coolest town I ever seen and the americans was super nice to us.
I like New York!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Video Wizards!

Hey people!

Tomorrow I'm arriving at Martin Grønnebergs residence in Oslo.
It will be a good two weeks of intence work, filming and shooting photos for this falls upcoming production by Video Wizards!
Also we'll do alot of brainstorming, and getting our ideas down on paper.
The plan is to set up the whole production, everything that needs to be filmed and get it all ready to go within these two weeks.
Anyway, random post, but just figured we would let you guys know whats up!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Treat #2

Whaaaat uuup!? I'm following Perrys successful idea with a Lazy Treat, So When you get some really epic material on film just put it up on the blogg with the name Lazy Treat. It's gonna be LEGEND--------wait for it---------------DARY!

News and shit!

Sooo, me Kire, Klas and the gangster was boarding the other day and it was pretty funny.. anyways,we went to peppespizza to eat afterwørds and it turned in to a competition. I thought i was safe when me and kire started on our 7. slize and Klas only had 4. but then he pops some mega crazy pizzapowers and eats 6 slizes it the same time as i eat 2!?! what is up with that?! well, it turned out bad for me and i lost the competition, and the pjunishment was that i had to change my mushroomblogname to Miss Piggy for all eternety.. oh yeah..

In Other News!

The Oneal Evolution slopestyle vent down yesterdayz! and guess WHAT?!?

Our own Mushroom Rep; Kevin Bäckström out of Sweeden came 3.! SAY WHAT?!
Proops like hell! we dont know what trix he did, but i have a feeling that we will get an update from him in the close future.

This is the one! And what a man he is! i was checking out the live webcast for a while, and truth to be told! i saw him holding his board up and there was a Mushroom on it!!! Yeyah!

Allso! Anton Bilare turned 18. today! KOONGARTTJUES!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


It seems like the blog is doin pretty great right now! Its not too good locking yet, but me and Kire, does are retarded when it comes to internettationz and stuff! But some day soon!
Anyways! MEGA Proops to Kevin and Perry (pærå) who is the best bloggers soo far with 2.0 blogs!! And Allso they seem to bee killing it! We are looking forward to hear from Kevin when he has won the O'neal Evolution tonight!

In other News, I have now added the one and only Mats Willassen Allso known as Daogen. He is a northern norwegian Wiking who lives in bergen, and he is a world famous blogger from the blog;, you better check thisone outz! Couze the chain is off it! BÆM!

Keeep up them goodz workhz!


Oneil evelution qualification

I just came home now, we hade the qualification today..
Went pretty good for me, I did those tricks I wanted to do in the training =)
First run I did 5050 front 180 of the rail into a cab 540 and then front1080 and bs lip on the wallride. I stomped it pretty good so I got a high score on that.. Second run the same but bs 720 in the beginning. I was in the lead after the second run but I still wanted to make a better run. It started with a 5050 front 180 of the rail then cab 900 reverted and then front 900 reverted aswell.. Not to good but I got in the first place of the qualification so im still happy  I cant say that I should be number 1 because so many riders rode better I think! I guess my perfect landings made my points.. Well, I had a super good day and everything just worked out. Tomorrow im going to laax for the BEO slopestyle training and then back to davos again for some night training there. Its gonna be sick!

Here is the results of the top 16 who went to the finals: 
1.Kevin Backstrom SWE 158.00
2.Seppe Smits BEL 153.33
3.Ulrik Badertscher NOR 148.67
4.Mattias Nyberg SWE 147.33
5.Elias Elhardt GER 145.67
6.Gjermund Braaten NOR 142.00
7.Torgeir Bergrem NOR 138.00
8.Andreas Gidlund SWE 135.67
9.Ville Uotila FIN 134.67
10.Jaakko Ruha FIN 134.66
11Dimi De Jong NED 134.34
12.Sindre Iversen NOR 134.00
13.Markus Malin FIN 126.34
14.Tore Holvik NOR 125.00
15.Maxime Henault CAN 119.33
16.Jonas Carlson SWE 119.00
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Xmas Railjam in Porsgrunn

Hallaoo, my buddy Paal-Jiffen and I went to Porsgrunn for a little in-city railjam just after christmas, and represented the whaaat out of that place. The setup was arguably the best I've ever seen, with a double piped 9 meter a-frame rail. oh yeah.

After the longest practice in history, which lasted for two hours, there was a good session and funky vibes with lots of friends, while some 'ill scratches and erra-erra's were provided from the local he-j.
Trendy moves went down, including basic combos, acrobatic flips, and studip one-footers. Dj Palayah took home the 3rd, me the uno, and another good friend of mine Jørn got 2nd place. Good fun:D

The wealthy sponsors handed out a lot of money to the top contenders, and some lovely backpacks to everyone who participated. Here are some photos from the extravagant happening, from various photowizards:





front bizz
Monday, January 5, 2009

Training Oneil evelution.

Hey there all!

Now im in Davos, Its so good. We had our first training on the slopestyle course today!
The kickers was really good!! first it was a down rail into a small stepdown kicker. Right after it was a pretty insane gap kicker not to big but you could still do 10s. After that it was a QP with a wallride. 
The training for me went pretty good. I was the guy who had to try the kicker first..
Went pretty good I liked it. Then I tried my competition line and that went good to. 5050 front 180 of the rail, cab 900 on the stepdown, front 1080 on the gap into a air on the QP. 
Gjermund killd it pretty hard, he did a backside 900 on the stepdown and then a cab1080 on the gap BANG!

Its training tomorrow again and im so stoked. Gonna go for some backsie and cab tomorrow i think.Here you have a pic of the gap kicker:

some shots?

So I got the invite to contribute from Emil.
And as the only photographer in here, I figured I'd kick off 2009, with the last shots from 2008. 

fresh of the jet!
Sunday, January 4, 2009


im out bloggin'
happy year as my father said

Lazy Treat #1

Dear ignoranuses,

over the past months whilst being recognized all over the world as internet/snowboard entertaining moguls, we have received countless requests and emails from people begging us to share more of our legendary lazy video treats. It is an honour to inform you that you are now getting one, one of our laziest ones yet. Just to show you that we wish you a fuckin' sweeeet twothousand&nine : )

filmed by Arnold Bakken

Film Kansje

Geilo Montage from Martin Grønneberg on Vimeo.
Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Newyears!

Happy Newyears Bitches...
I am a retards


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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