Friday, January 23, 2009

X Gay's`? what the fuck?!?

I just finnished watching the X Games Big air. Im shocked, what are these stupid americans doing?!! First of all, they build the worst slopestyle course ever to be seen on the face of the earth! And then they have such a sucky setup for the Big Air, that its just Ass, nothing less than pure ass. They let the americans, and only americans decide who wins? And clearly americans are retards or something when they manage to give Mikkel Bang 2 % of the votes when he stomps down the best sw 1260 ever?? And Then again lets TRice take the win, Reverting both his runs, and Horgmo Stomping the sw bs 12 like crazy??! I got pissed and wrote them and agry e-mail.
But to cheer you guys up, here's a totally random video of an old woman in a golfcar that i filmed.

Outz MP

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Anonymous said...

I agree, shity fuckers!

You cant have the audiences to decide the whole thing!

they don´t know a shit.



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