Sunday, January 31, 2010

oh my god!


no need to write something. just watch and remember to pick up your chin from the floor afterwards

Friday, January 29, 2010

Breckolainen edit ZAAOOOAA

Here's a edit of myself, Dre, Barackowald, Fiskekrokjen and Klaus Pinne!

Breckenridge 80424 from Fri Flyt TV on Vimeo.


And I just saw Shaun White slay the superpipe qualifications... HE'S THE SHIT!!!


(btw, it was a joke) hehehehhehehehe
Thursday, January 28, 2010


Im headin out to Åre tomorrows to checkitout., and hopefully it will be more then awsome!

im pretty shure of it! just zoom in on this bunch of amazomeness from Byssa's blogg! lookin sweet ey?

Byssa's tv-åre blogg #15 from Niklas Byström on Vimeo.

Testing out my new GoPro-camera in Breck!

Here's a run in the park at Breck.. Just testing my new camera, and i realized that the sound quality is awsome!

More edits to come!!! just have to learn how to make them first...


paul with subs

this is the first episode of the "how to speak paulish" tutourial. starring Paul Kabugo

paul snakker from Cristian L Norberg on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

schuper schtarke hero turtles shredding GEILO!!

yesterday was soooo awesome! bluebird and a new shaped park, and the best part was that we where all alone in the park all day. Me, paul and dina was shreddin our pant´s off and also got some funny shots.


schuper schtarke hero turtles from Cristian L Norberg on Vimeo.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Check out this awsome tattoo!!!!! On Discodaniel's hand....

Weak Sauce

Want to get dizzy from shaky camera work.... Angry from a bunch of tailfishes and tindy slappers... bored from too much talking... ticklish from too many Joe-Joes knuckling yumps? Then this is the edit for you!

Bretton Woods Park Update #2 from Herald on Vimeo.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Emil Fossheim two summers ago

today i stumbled across this old clip of emil showing his skills with the sword at my backyard, summer 06.

Mullet Kid Has Samurai Sword Skills - Watch more Funny Videos


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bear Mtn.

At the moment the snow is pooring down, in 2 days the snow has been putting itself 1 m above the ground Zero breaking point, and its still continues to poor down, good times. The group of human beeings staying at Bear is lovin' it, A good variation of obsticles to play and fool around with.
If you have the chance to visit this place, do it.

More footage and video is still to be inhanced by our own hands, until that, here's a little video filmed one of the first days. Enjoy.

Beartime! from Linda Fahlström on Vimeo.

Pre-update from breckenridge

OK! Breck is awsome!

We (Simon, Henrik, K-Lekangster and Ole) just arrived at breckenridge, and the first thing we did when we arrived, was to crash our car! hahahahaha!

Check it out, we where driving 300ft behind another car with our mOnster-3tonn-Ford Excursion with the slipperiest tiers ever on pure ice, and then the other car startet breaking for a red light. HAHA, we didn't even slow down at all when we hit the brakes!

so we crashed! pretty funny!

Haha, the people in the other car got pretty pist at us... most because we wracked their car, but also cuz we where laughing our ass of because there car was wracked and we didnt get a scratch! haha
This is what happend to our car:

Ford Excursion VS Toyata Camry : 1 - 0

More updates yet to come! i promez!

piz out

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



FINallY! i got som pixz from the park here, finished it about 4 days ago but them weathers been shitty n stuff!
BUT its so\ awsome that you are too! fablumpbd.

Schways, Paul tha Kakebuggi Man is here right now, and as usual im laughin my face of cuz he might be the funnyest guy ever.

And to quote him from he's rap yesterday in the park; "my dick is on fire, click click clik clik, two balls on a boone".

Weeeeell; here are some pictures from the kickers and the park in general.

The first one is of kicker numbrero Uno. And FishingrOdd Roar Soleglad just took thisone when Paul was arriving like he allways does, just like superman.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? no,,, its a flying blackman, goin "hey ladies, ball's on a boone" and shit.

HAH! wellaight, randompix of the park, droppin in:




POPSikklEgunin the mornin!

Ya like?

Them be some more rails and shit over there ---> but we didnt take no pix of them today. but yeah they will show?


We were suppose to make a Edit ya know, and you do earn it so we are indeed sorry that Crilldor, Did the following things:

1.Bought a wack ass Cam that didnt even work
2.Bought the thightest pants in the history of the world, eventhought i told him the was ugly. and then he said when he got them "they was ugly" and he sent them back
3.Tryed a dub backflip and failed sohard cuz he tryed it of ow a rainbowbox.
4.pussyed out on the SW front rodeo on an AIRBAG! and instead of landin on hes back on the bag, He smaked hes head in like onemillion kilometars an hour into the kicker and allmost fainted!
5.Major overshooting of every kicker.
6. being handsome.


Thats it for now, still waitin on LZG's shit, Loong paals shit, Kire's Shit and all them owa guys shit. but they suck

Mp is OUTS bitcheeez!
Monday, January 18, 2010

Bear Mtn

Soo, I´v been here in bear mtn for a week now and i love it..
awesome features and alot of nice people..gonna start filming this week so i got a edit and some pictures coming up..Peace J

Burton european open

Me, Grilo, Chris

Me, Maurer, Bang, Kimmi, Grilo.

Hey there.
Burton european open finals! It was so much fun riding and the course was perfect. It was littlebit of wind for the last runs so it was hard to get speed but it was ok..
My run looked like this today, Some jibbing on the rails and the pipewall and then a cab 900 on the first kicker, bs 1080 on the second and then fs 1080 on the last kicker.. I ended up at 6th position so im happy with that!

Peetu got first with bs 1080, front 900 into a cab 1080. Mikkel got 2nd with a cab 7 sw bs 1260 into a fs1080 with the sickest style ever. My man Gjermund Bråten from norway got third with a cab 900, front 1080 into a bs 1080 dubble cork. So stoked for them:)
Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yeasterday i got my new camera. This is some sort of test i captured last night and it turned out to be a pretty funny shot. BLUERUDIDDUBLÖH!

emil och paul är konstiga from Cristian L Norberg on Vimeo.


got this editz from jonas Steen whom is a pretty amazome dude, at the NTG geilo. He be shreddin the park. Thogh its not done in this vid.

GeiloShred from Jonas Steen on Vimeo.


What up?

I is now at Geilo, finaly done with this shit, And DUDE DID IT TURN OUT NICE!

ITS awsomeness beyond everythin and back!€ so just come checkit out.. Pix tomorrow you say?

weeell, i say edit. so fuck you

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Streetrails Oslo

So... Finally it's time for an update! Better late than never they say. Right now i'm in Oslo with Kire, Kuske and Lill'e. We have been shreddin some rails here in Oslo with the Ducksjen crew. Kuske and Kasper is documenting everythig with their fancy cameras :) Today Olav Stubberud joined in to take some photos. I will asure you, he got some killer shots! So far it has mostly been Down-Flat-Down rails but i hope that tomorow will be some other kind of rail. If you look below you will see pictures from some of the rails we have been hitting for the last couple of days. Next Week I will go to Kläppen to meet shred some Park. Keep in touch!

PS. Mattias Nessheim might be the sickest dude ever, he nailed the 26+26 stair Down-flat-down 3rd try. Not even the slightest sketch...

Down-Flat-Down outside of Oslo

Down-Flat-Down, Oslo Downtown

Down-Flat-Down 26+26 stairs, Huge!
Sunday, January 10, 2010

got mustasch?

so it seems like it´s only med and Sigdawg that´s not busy growing mustasches and having some sparetime to update the blogg. Yesterday i was playing around in the park and managed to do a cab 180 to latefrontflip and stomped it with my right thumb. it looks more like papa smurf than a thumb right now. Today i spoked with som freshmen students of NTG that were shooting some clips in the park and they agreed to send me the edit when it´s done. Unfortunately i forgot you´re names but if you see this, please upload it on vimeo and send the link to so i can upload it here on the blogg.

Also i have ordered a ContourHD 720p camera so i can make my own edits! It´s going to be AMEZOME! And remember. You must stash you´re mustasch in the muststash

Man Slips on Ice During News Report - Watch more Funny Videos
Thursday, January 7, 2010


check out this edit i got from Len and some other truedudes shredding the railline here in Geilo. Keep it up!

Amezome...? from Trym Nordgaard on Vimeo.

"Det är kört för dig"

Check out this funny prank call.. Haha!

Sweadish only... Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FriFlyt article about urban action in Bergen, yeee

Lack of updates isn't what you would expect from a blog with 29 popers... Well, in the mushroom crew we can make ANYTHING happen :D

Anyway, I tought I might should show you this one. An article on about me and a couple of friends hitting urbans and stuff in Bergen! It was a pretty cool trip. Check out the mushroom bling around my neck and the dead serious expressiion on one of the photos!

And I kept my jacked un-ziped becouse im a reatrd and once i was hungry and had nothing to eat, so i just ate my own fesees



A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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