Sunday, May 30, 2010



This is wazup. Jocke Razz came to fonna for some serious slayin, so we just had to pimp out them rails for him, he was kind enough to hit the top railline that we put up a couple of days agoz.

Ofcourse Kuske "the ultimate shit" Fahlgren captured it all on some tape and made a sweetass edit of that shit!

Oh yes, you are welcome.

What can one say?

Fresh, Fresher, Freshest, Freshershest!

Till then,

MP is OUtZ!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Popcorn and Ice cream!!

The updates on the Mush Room have been a bit poor recently but we've had a lot to do with the park,
and have also helped Nike with some shiet.
But we've had a lot of new fresh pow and successfully managed to squeeze in some shooting here and there
so soon you can see a brand new edit by noe one less then Kuske.

Today me and Klas took a walk down to the water next to our bad ass crib
and felt a bit on the temperature that felt to be around zero degrees. So we ate som Icecream and went home
Fresh ..!!!!

The tattooed skank and his pirate friend!!

The Greaser flip!

And last but not least we have the Valleyhorse dive!!

Will be poppin the edit here soon so stay close!! /P

Monday, May 24, 2010


Sory. weather sucked ass... so no popshit today.

SKillpoint season is on though! The Wallyhorse started it all with a double popper and is in the lead with 2 cow's and 100 points!

Here is a beautiful picture of LZG i took this mornin!

More edits will dropp as soon as them sun's will shine... DOUBLE SUN POOOOWEEEEEEEEEER!
Bapapababapa ba pa!
MP is OuTz

Saturday, May 22, 2010


whadup whadup?

We got them kickers in the tripple line ready now, and soon the top rail line and some more fiiiine kickers will take for at the folgefonzy!

Kuske, the one the only, made this sweet video from a couple of days ago..

Kire, LZG, Kakebuggi, Botner, Nyhaugen, Håtvizzl boiii and more is rippin in the new kickers!


More shit vill be dropped pretty soon,.- so stay tuned!

And yeah, all new levels on Angry Birds,, 3 stars,, easy as shiaat!

Mp Iz OutZ!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monkey Bizniz!

What up you might ask?

Well, we're chillin at folgefonna,, got shitloads of crewmembers up here.

Rastamussen came to town yesterday bringin maad steez..

Mr Håtveit is doin some nice spins on the new jumps that we built and Kuske is as usual videotapin that shit with some serious duct tape.

Some thing crazy will happen, and here is the teaser for it..

Totaly worth chekkin out if you want to know whats up..

Watch the hole video, its very important!

Then dropp a comment in the Give Love Area down there.

Peanutbutter Jeeelly!

Schways! More park is being built, more shred is getting shredded,

and more updates will suddenly and mysticly dropp into this room,

The Mush Room


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kazoom Smack POW!!

So this is whats new...

As you know, we had some camera hiccups before but Me, myslef and Cuz sat us down 

and resolved this mystery once and for all. 

Cooperation between the Macbook and the camera is now up and running. Steeez!

This is an update call from one of the first day here in Fonna made by Kuske! Check out his blog for more clean vids

Got it?


Look out for some behind the scenes on makin the park soon.


And for last and most tasteful, we have now fixed all the rails and painted them with sick colors, and the triple line is nearly ready to shred,

so take your ass over here and Shred! 

P is out!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mushroom, Provider of good times.. Give the love and the love shall be givven!


We're chilln up here at fonna still, not too many pepls has hit the mountn yet,, though about one million thousands of slalomers and their retarded coaches that think they rule the world came around today.
They suck more than most of people!

Anyways! we got the rails back in shape. Got Kire, the Wallyhorse and Kuske here, it is indeed amasome shit.
The buildin of the jumps is pretty awsome aswell,, maby tomorow the kickers will take shape!

Kuske made this way to sweet goodvibehotdogeatinvid.. its aboluteliizy vorth checkin out!

Them dawgs is goood!

Kuske is the shit, the good kind of Shit

Today we made a Qp into one wall of stone.. it was scary t first try it,.. this is the clip of the it.
Perhaps we'll be droppin some vid form that shit tomorrow, if youre lucky that is!

Cow Ward is better that Wizz Ard, witch is better than -re -t Ard?

Ill hit you up with some fresh tomorrow!!


-give a little love!
Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer jammin!

Yo niggas..
We havin some trouble bruing this video shoots
at Fonna right now caus our camera is on shrooms or something,
i decided to launch up a short edit from our last day in Åre Sweden.

Tomorrow we will start diggin out the rails ant hopefully we can get some buttery stuff up for u very soon. And we will fix that damn camera so we can hold this blog updated
P is out!!
Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fonna last year, and some Old Spice.


FIRST! Checkout this link.. its some video from the jump i made at Stranda Fjellet.

Field productions and Horgmo was hittin that shit and it looks sweetassawsome!

today we tried to make an edit from what we had built so far.

we was filming and hikin stuff for a pretty long time. But sady we suck bigtime at snowboarding... bummer. so no new video's for you today.

But ill give you this vid from Estonian Mushroom rep Holden Vides!

its some runns throug last years park with some way awsome music.. Epic shit!:) Give som love!

Lalalala lah lala lah lala laaaah

Allso, you should check out theese if you havent seen them yet.. they are madfunny. if you have allready seen them, watch them again and be happy!

Old Spice.

Dude, this shit is waaaay to fun.. and there are many many more!

Go to this site to check all the commercials:

Anyways... we are still workin on the park.. K-man aka Old Spice is arrivin to morrow morrows with the WallyHorse and Kuske. awsomeness will be popped!

Stay tuned and Give Some Love!!

Mp is OUTz!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cheesemans introduction, fonna day 2

Pistole Cheese:

Born in the year of 86, Raised by the little people in a village in Sweden
that nowone knows the name of but we can call it Östersund.
This is the man that made this new blog mad fresh!
Yah diiig ?
Heres a video of him the second day at Fonna tryin out the first feture
that we set up today.. Sleezy Cheesy!


Rusty boxes aint no big deal for the cheeseman, he took hes old Jofahelmet
and made them brand spankin new!

So fresh so clean!

MPs trying to make a pile of snow into something awesome
Come to fonna and check it out!

David Fatbutton Kantermo threw a blueberrypie on the divingboard and broke it.
Now replaced with a new one, hopefully strong enough.
The shrooms chillin down by the beach in the sunset

Right now we got a few boxes, Mps gonna start with the trippleline tomorrow.

We got Mp, Pistol Cheese aka. Cheeseman, Jocke aka. P-L, and me LzG hangin
out in Fonna. Kire and the crazyass Valleyhorse is joining us tomorrow,
so come join us to this weekend for some awesome shred.

LzG! Yeah boi!


That mushroom guys is one creepy dod...

Anyways... is seh weekend and is good, eh?

First Fonna Update


We just arrived at Folgefonna, had no place to sleep and tierd as hell.

This is whats up so far;

We got 2 new cats! Yeyeah
One of them is a Parkbully 400, Freeesh. Miss Piggy is kinda stocked on that shit.
There is not that much snow overall at fonna this year, so if you wanna shred, pre ejaculate and cum early!
But fear not, thers like pimpmasses of snow in the park area, and we got a snowcanon.
MP is droppin one fresh one tomorrow cuz now im like way tierd and just wants to sleep.
Here are some pix i took today, 1Joy.

Diggin out some red danger

The new beast

It might not be fresh, but at fonna. this is FREEEEESH!

Snow white and the 1 midget.

Oh, and bytheway, i am the new digger this year. Tackin ova for Kjärstin aka Jonas Berglund, whom is way busy this summer diggin Ass-fault's. He will still shredd though.


Pistol Cheese, "Catchphrase soon to come"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Izz fresh...

Mushroom blog is up running fresher then ever!

Me on the other hand ain't up running, nor fresh... I'm so ill - I'd rather have a person dump on my dome then go through this :(

I was out running yesterday morning with school, and it was way cold outside and we were running for an hour - me, only in my t-shirt. So now I've caught the freeziest cold in the world and my throath is mad swollen. I know - it sounds erally bad, but it's actually worse... Since I'm never out running unless we're doing it at school I have not been running for over a year. My body hurts so bad, whn I walk, it looks like I got raped by King Kong.

Anyway, Imma go hit the sheets. Keep yourselves updated on this blog cåzz it's brand fresh and we will be updating mad. As for now, I'm out.



I hope I wake up tomorrow, though i doubt it. If I don't, I hope you can find the medicine that cures this evil disease that has entered my body...



Finally we have refreshed The mush room for you

Hope you like this new shit bezzah


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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