Friday, January 9, 2009

Oneil evelution qualification

I just came home now, we hade the qualification today..
Went pretty good for me, I did those tricks I wanted to do in the training =)
First run I did 5050 front 180 of the rail into a cab 540 and then front1080 and bs lip on the wallride. I stomped it pretty good so I got a high score on that.. Second run the same but bs 720 in the beginning. I was in the lead after the second run but I still wanted to make a better run. It started with a 5050 front 180 of the rail then cab 900 reverted and then front 900 reverted aswell.. Not to good but I got in the first place of the qualification so im still happy  I cant say that I should be number 1 because so many riders rode better I think! I guess my perfect landings made my points.. Well, I had a super good day and everything just worked out. Tomorrow im going to laax for the BEO slopestyle training and then back to davos again for some night training there. Its gonna be sick!

Here is the results of the top 16 who went to the finals: 
1.Kevin Backstrom SWE 158.00
2.Seppe Smits BEL 153.33
3.Ulrik Badertscher NOR 148.67
4.Mattias Nyberg SWE 147.33
5.Elias Elhardt GER 145.67
6.Gjermund Braaten NOR 142.00
7.Torgeir Bergrem NOR 138.00
8.Andreas Gidlund SWE 135.67
9.Ville Uotila FIN 134.67
10.Jaakko Ruha FIN 134.66
11Dimi De Jong NED 134.34
12.Sindre Iversen NOR 134.00
13.Markus Malin FIN 126.34
14.Tore Holvik NOR 125.00
15.Maxime Henault CAN 119.33
16.Jonas Carlson SWE 119.00

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