Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trampoline edit

Ok, sheeeeza, i'm at geilo right now but that's not what I'm gonna blog about.

I was just dropping by to show you all this little edit that my friend Elias made one day we were down trapolining.

Trampin Dopeness from Jiblomats on Vimeo.

Yess yess!
Monday, November 23, 2009

Håtveit updeit! haha rhymez!

Well ur face and stuff

i am at geilo, i live at lill crills plaze,,, you know, the dude that is on the photo at my crib all them times!

Just a quick recap, its fun and stuff, today we went to Håtveits tryin out the railcours witch is way beyond of the hoock! fhslaang! ma shnizldizl

Hers a video from The awsome H's building stuff! Best checkit ju will be amazedh:

MP is outz!



just a quick update from vierli this weekend!

almost crashed with a dude coming into my side of the road on my way up.

first test run of the jumps, went after Joakim, had alot of speed, and was right behind him on the first jump. On the seccond jump i had way more speed and jumped over him. luckily he pushed me away so he wouldnt get realy hurt. sorry Joakim

thursday Miss piggy came up to get the feel of his board again, good to see he still got it! Big UP
for the flossyflip, coolest thing ever!

next few days a lot of rain but still alot of fun and good riding

saturday the contest was delayd many many hours because of the weather so it turned out to be night contest wich was realy cool i think!
alot of sick riding, lots of 9's and big 7's.

1. Sondre
2. Ulrik
3. Joakim

i ended up on 5th but i'm really stoked on that!

forgot my camera up there, but as soon as i get it i will post some photos!

Check out Vierli later this season, it's gonna be sick!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winterjam 2009 Stockholm Stadium


I'm right now chilling at the hotel and just found out the result of Winterawards presented by Transition. Rookie of the year went to Ludde Lejkner. Shredder of the year went to Chirs Sörman and Parkshredder of the year went to Mushroomcrew represent ANTON BILARE! congrats anton. At the stadium today the weather was a little bit rainy and very warm wich resulted in canceled training. I met alot of people tough and I were really suprised to Håtveit and Klaus Finne there. Looking forward for tomorow and hopefully I'll have some pictures aswell.

Pölsa has no fear because he has lot's of beer. Thank you for listening, over and out
Friday, November 20, 2009

Vierli So farch

it is very rainy, and it is very HAPPY!
go too tackt too chekcytiytrøakaosijdaosidja
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Field Railjam Recap Deuz?

Here's Evens Edit from the Field Railjam! Lots of bails! All good times and some serious shreddin! Best checkit and give some love!!!

Field Productions Rail Jam 2009 from Field Productions on Vimeo.

Mp is OutS

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Subject. Nice Pics

Talking about nice pics. here's one of Jonas Berglund aka Kerstin. Hee looks really pissed off. haha


Found this picture of me, Emil and the infamous Torkel Brekke on the bathroom in Frisco, CO, and I had to pop it!


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Check out the new Random Bastards 6X Teaser
It sure looks good.




Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Field railjam Update


Since nobody else seems to wants to blog about the railjam then, as usual, i have to do it.
I fuckin made the whole shit! velded the rails, dug all the snow, invited all the shroomers and all that, and i have to blog as well?!? blææh

Anyways.. Perry! Came 3, big shroom for him wooptidoo
Torgeir Berre won the whole shit, did not come as a suprise cuz he killed it! Not only did he kill it but he killed everyone and everything at all thime.. that dude might be one of the absolute best overall boarders ever.. but he does not get enough on him, coz he is flyin!
Joakim Nyhaugen came 3.
And Mathas Nesheim and Norby was killin the shit,, like crazy guys killin shit! like this waay perf front 1 nose press and the press was like... preszzzzzzzzhhhhhhhhh AH! sweet! and some cab 3 onto the donkydick, and like real cab 3ss like whoapishz!

In the ski area,

Even steven Sigstad the mainman behind the contest won,, not suprisingly cuz he seems to know all them trix on the rails... he might even be the inventor of railin on skiis..?
Øystein Braathen on 2 !!!! Gørthomth aka Gjermund Braathens lilbrother! That dude will go far cuz he is like 1 years young and was killin all of the olderlyes!
And Dølph on 3 doin all kinds of crazyness.

Our Skirepresentant Sigdawg did not do soo good... HAHA!

Well i wont laugh cuz i sucked ass bigtime aswell.. and so did kire.. and the lipstickman tryed to get layed with the stairs, so he broke he's pelvis. Hihi, Sisco got drunk so he did not even ride that day.. so yeah. at least we got Perry!:D

Blææhblæh here is Friflyts Video from the event:

CHECKOUT MY "oh my, theres a camera, best gets out the way" look 1 min and 35 seks inn,.

Boom all ski no board?

A bird told me even was poppin a vid tomorrow! so keep your eyes open

Meanwile? some pictures:
Sig,, fallin of the DFD... haha naaa im just kiddin
Pørr, Firsttryin the Dubb Ds with a way fresh frontlip.. Hes from NZ ill betcha!
Look how happi perry is... "i hate the mushroom thats stuck in my hat"
Weeell,, i hope at least ONE person read somthin of what i wrote,, cus it took me cuite a while...
Leace a comment ?
MP is Outz!
Monday, November 9, 2009

What up?

Im back from Lillyhammer and the Field Railjam. It Was Extreeeeme. More updates on that later. cuz now im sore like fuck.

Anyways. My brother Simon aka Sisco is looking for a job, in oslo.. He just does not seem to find anything. Last week he went to a job interview for the position as the salesmanager at a Mobilephone company.

He did not get the job.

haha! Hoook him up if you got some shitsnizz

Pix and Movies from the railjam will be made! Keep viewin and drop some comments!

Mp is Outs!
Friday, November 6, 2009

LillyHamaz Railjizz volitz 2!


So i iz at the Klawzns place now, we just finishedd makin the dropin and gettin all the shit to the place where the shits gån bi.
And it locks way crayzy so i think its all good.
Here is a pic from them arena befor the snow is in place. the snow pic is ther at seven! and i will give you a pic from that, oh and maby that testinvideoz i promissed!

Best get jur ass down here and checkit! Satudiiiz at 12:00!

Allso you should checkout thiss guy, he knowz whats up and how to rooll,, a shame no more is like that him. Deggs are cool!


MP is OuTZ?

Field Prod Railjam


Im at Lillyhammer right now, just came here yesternights and it was aaaall good. bought the materials for the setup and stufz. But was too late to start veldin or anythin.
But way early this mornin we got shit done.

I iz veld?

We got done like 1 minute before the workplace closed, stocked!

Ya diiiig?

Then we got all the railshit in to lillyhammer and shit, tested it on them stairs and it was way cool. After that we smacked togezza the dropin shit and tomorrow we iz puttin down some snow. all fresh yano!

Me and even went to macdz and i got myself a plate cuz i forgotabout it!

Now im chillin at Klawzenz place. it is awsom.

Ill popp an update tomorow from the setup and shit. testin videoz.

And saturday, thats when its goin down. The railjam thats going to be sweet! Checkit!

MP is Outz
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is it?! yes it is!

Still in oslo, yes yes..
Not much goin on in the streets of oslo right now, started snowing today..big ups!

The only thing that keeps me goin' is this..yes it is...probably the best song ever made..

Peacee J

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Shout Out To Emil. The shrooom´a!!

Look Emil im bloggin´, and its all loooøve!  
Happy B-didda too ya. And... yeah. enjoiii





A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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