Sunday, June 28, 2009


So yesterday me, Jonas, Jocke, johan and Emil were building the tripple-line so it would be smoth as a babys butt. On the way up to fonna emils car died and we had to get lift the last bit. We were building to 04.30 and then we had 3.5 hours until shaping time again. I have a suggestion for all you guys and girls out there who´s planing on going to fonna, get a car like the one on the picture. It will never break down!

Crusing down the street in my 64....

Anyway, Fonna is really good and we will soon come with some pictures and fotage from the park. Stay tuned! Beyer is OOUT!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Down flat? jissør!


So, the cat broke down like a million times.. and that kinda sucked.. cus we iz pretty tierd of fixin it all the time! but now i think its like über nice*! thanks to the sledneck guys!

Anyways... the park is coming along pretty got but it takes way longer than planed since the cat and all and you know and stuff..

But! We put up the new downflat today and simon tryed it since he is like a Von Zipper Rider. and it says Von Zipper on the side. Nice match!

Weeeeeeell now im bored..

Buthey! i made a thing on the cat today so i can wave a flag back and forth while im driving the caT its worth checking out! yeyah!

Here is a video of Simon... iz nice!

Sisco? Yes indeed

Weeel ive got nuthing to blog about today acctually... so it sucks but hey, YOU blog something for once?!?

Oh and feel free to leave a comment! give some love down there! peace!

Mp is Outz?

Monday, June 22, 2009

What is happenin?

Ya høøørd?

Not much really.. we is buildin the park now and its turnin out pretty gooodz... and its fun, i fucked my back today so im a retard, klas had hiz foot in the shooe for quite a long time today and now its all fucked up. he wanted me to put up a picture of it so: ur welcome!

Rasins are better?

In other news. come shredd on the fonna? its aaaaall good! many peoples are here! Kevin Bäckstromz and Thorz Lundnånting is here from the mushroom crewzl, and allso my browah Simon, hopefully he is going to do a backflipp, im not shure if he knows how to, but if he does! he better blog about it!

So here is a video of the dubdownz in the boxline we made on top! the rider is Kjærstin Thårstein aka Jonas, Cheeenga!


And bythewat., simon knows how to do a backflipp. and thor is called lundstrøm, i think!

And allso!byttheway! Kire is in a wedding and he must make a blog from umeå unless he wants to loose aaaaall he's skillpoints!!! HAHA!

AND alsso! i bought a new part for my car, since the left side was broken and all., and after 2 weeks of waiting.. i got the part for the right side instead... juppijuuu...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer vacation and Fonna comming up!

I just finished the first year at Voss Gymnas like 30 minints ago. Raight now I'm over-stoked on going to Fonna to shred and help Emil builting the park up there! I'm pretty much packed up allready, only got a few things left to fix. I hope i don't forget too much important stuff but i always do.

You know what, my friend did a 540 flips which i think is pretty cool since we can't skate and stuff:

Sigdagwzzzz, i'am out


WAlla Bitchesss.
Im now home in Sweden chillin big time!!!!

Im going to Folgefonna on saturday, superstoked on that.
I guess they got a good park now when Mr Mushroom himself building the park!

After Fonna im going home again for some chillin before the season starts..
I dont know if im going to Whistler in July but im defenitly going to NZ first of august and then im staying there for a while:)
Saturday, June 13, 2009


Yeah, after our succsess the other day with the making of signs, me and kire started improving our signmaking skills.. so, the mushroom productions has got one new skill and one more thing in their production.
This new part is called "De Sign" and what we do is designing sings, or basicly sign design... kinda fun to say that many times fast, sign desing sign design sign design-... muhah!

Well anyways.. today, we buildt the base for the small line, fixed some shit, met the mighty Paul Kabugo, and of course.. made some signs...

Here are some pictures... if your interrested in some totally awsome kickass mega signs.. just hollar and we might just make you one!

Imagine a dude coming locking for the park and he is like.. "Park?" this is our answer to that special dude! BOZAAAY!!!!
And yeah, LZG made a dick, and the Wally Horse does not mind at all..... pitty...
SOooo thats bacicly whats up, the cat is still fucked so things are going slow. but fear not friends and enemyz the park will blossom, and when it does.. it will put all your chains off or something cool.
Friday, June 12, 2009


Today we made a rail and some signs... it was kinda wack but still the rails turned out pretty amazing, and the sign we made was tottaly awsome!!!
here is a video of kire when he is painting the letter N. if you might be interrested in seeing that kind of uglyness:


Well so, we got the rail down! its going to be the billabong Down Flat rail, and yes. it will be pretty mega super extreeme!
Pørhaps there will be some motionfotoage from it later on? mmmmhm
here are 2 pitures of the rail and one of me blowing a GuggleBum Bubble! BOJAAAAH!

So nice you want to eat it?

Ruge is pointing out where he is planning to hoock he's edge..

And finally, Tadaaaaaa! wich one is my heaD?


Mp is outz!
Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty Cool Stuf!!

Zup yall..found lil sum sum on youtube that i think yall should check out..

hej då!
Monday, June 8, 2009

Nothing Really


Sorry that we have been so lazy on the bloggin... but we are lazy! hehe

Anyways.. i havent got to much to write about this time, but ill just put up something fun still.

The other day we went to Norheimsund, its just across the fjård from Jondal, they got stores and shit. Anyways... The first thing we see is this sign and everyone started laughing their heads off!

HAHAH Dickparty

Anyways... that was kinda fun, but we decide to go inside this store to checkitout.. and the first thing we see is this sign!! HAHAHHA

38 cm of pure taste pleasure! haha

Well, we felt kinda freaked out by this store so we went to the toys shop to checkout some airplanes and shit, and as i enter the door, i see this guy flippin crazy with he's Jojo!


JOJo mmmmmhm

So anyways. Today i was supposed to die but somehow i didnt.. I just drowe my car as usual, and BOM! suddenly i was like all spinny and shit! and way too fast going just all wrong and shit! And i was going straigh of the road in the middle of no where!

I was like, oh schnap! this is all bad! and going at that speed i was pretty shure that things would end pretty bad, BUT! for some reason! i managed to crash onto this small road leading of the main road! so instead of trashing into the mountain or intoo some bigass threes a just slide like 70 meters or something, still while spinning, on this road!?? hahahhaha and then i hit this thing:

Sorry to the guy who owns this, but i broke it...

And this is what happend to my car?! it barley scratched it!!

weeeell weell well..

So i just popped on the extra tire and drowe off, and then i passed an ambulanse that im pretty shure was ment for me! hahaha

So yeah, thats whats up. im back at fonna now, and ill start building tons of new features for the park eizap'! just so u know.

MP is out!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Imma bad blogger!

Yo dudez! Im a bad blogger aiaiaiaiiitt! I aint got nothingzzz to brag about, so hey Emil, and all ya non-stop mushroom heroes; heres something that riily makes me laugh and hopedizzayy you aswell yaa dig´: ! 
So enjoi dazz movie and i hope your happiii about my dope-ass Shroom and the shroom himself Emil(piczz), Who busted the sickest
flip-ish bust on fonna shattarramæææin!! Løøv yall

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it he? or... who am I ? Blazing Treat # 2

Hey Bitches! whats up?

We havent got anything new up in the park yet since the cat just broke down, but we made funny video for u to look on next to sideways.

Well, Enjoy


The video will be up pretty soon, im in line on Vimeo

This was one day, maby well make one more tomorrow? pørhaps?

And you other retards who aint blogging? keep bloggin?

Allso. if you want to leave a comment, dont be afraid, give some love!

MP is Outz!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The What now??!!


Finally we got the shoot done!! and it was just amasing! Field and Factor films at the same time, heli, red cam, 3d filming and tons of crazy as riders! and everything turned out great!
Friflyt made an article about it, and boom goes the dynamite! :

Here is a piture of Sindre doin some crazyz on it, Kire will ge a shoot pretty soon from the kicker as well!

Air Timez

All the Riders where stocked AS HELL! so then im stocked! BIG ups to Roger Kleivdal for going bigger than any one has ever done before, and mega bigups to Petter Kristiansen for just being insane and being in the MUSHROOM CR#EW"!

Moving on!

Here are some pictrures from a session we did with Josh Knox earlyer. pictures for pleasing!


The lipztick guy looking good!

Kire poppin an MJ

Norways most Blundted

For some reason i was born with the ability to do girly methods...:/

Kire as usual claiming the shot of the day.
I did a sw back 9 today, and i did not land on my head! WOHOO!
Allso i landed the Flossyflip for the first time ever! here is a video:


! MP is outs!


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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