Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Randombastards TV

Ey! you should checkout its all fresh and nice! got some shitness goin down from that plaze!! checkout this sweet videoza from the states, them mushrooms are innit!


Random Bastards TV Episode 4 - Snowboarding around Colorado from Random Bastards on Vimeo.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Børgenz! Longest Blog ever & and Bail of the Weak And Funny!

Tadaaaaa!!!!! <3

Are you ready for the best blog of your lifetimes?

Aight! So, today we was all like up ørli and shapin and shit. and then Jonas and Jokke went to Børgen Town to chill out, and then we thought: "we might just go there aswell?"

SO! i hollard at my man, Mats Willassen (topp 3 nicest dudes to ever have lived) who is one bitchass Mushroom Crew member.. He's from the North of norway and that gives him some superpowers, kinda like the ones ive got.

Anyways, them crewz that went there was as followwwerd; Miss Piggy, Klas the Hårse, Kire, LZG, Lars the mustars, De Santiago, Hassan and Shape Erik.

Sao, we went there to skate, and to checkout some beezwax. Firstof all the Big G LZG had to go to Dressman XL store, to get some tees to freshn he's G's. As we waited, Klas gave us the tip of the day.

Checkout the suprising umbrella dude that attakxs Shapeerik with this note?

Weeeell, So we went to Session and said to Mats; ØY! One Skate one Tee, A hat and some sox and some stuff.. or thats what i said at least. And i got all that, Including the coolest new partyshades ever to be made by mankind and shit AND IT GLOWEES IN THEM DARKZ!"!!!!="=

GLOWS IN THE DARK MAFAKKA! Ju hørd me the first time!:

Jealousy is accepted..

So., we walked around in the børgen to lock at shit and stuff, then Klas whomz aftername is Beyer, saw this kickass sign!


So we was all stocked as hell on this sign and shit, and then just like a 5 sec or so later we se this!! and then again like haflasekound later one more! Emil it said, and thats my name bitches! HAHA!

Dubble SKillpointz! MHM

But yeah, our objektive was to skate, and skate we did., Mats aka Daogen showed us aournd and hocked us up with some very overpimped spots that we could kill with our uncomprehandable skills that are beyond the universe! hehe..

Weeeell, this is the result.

Das Santiago; fakie varial kickflippz Bojaaaah!

Lars the mustarsh, Fotyplant or somthinNNN?

And finaly, Kire, late Faceplant

Aight, so that was basicly it, we got so cought up in skating so we forgot about the fery on the way back so we had to superracecarfastdrive the shit out of everything to make it in time, we got there alitlebit earlyer than the other guys, so when we was at the ferystop i said to Klas; "øy, you get 200 skillpoints if you get all the way out on that sketchyass bridgethingy out there on the sea"

And he was like aight, and now thats the "Bail of the Weak!"


HAHAH you thought he would bail in it!!! but he didnt, and it sucked, so i had to do something about it: and this video is waaaay more fun!

Water in the face!

Thats it for now. Give some love in the comment fild if you want.. its allso acceptable.

MP IS OUT!!! shazam1

Dont yall be rud with the Stubberud

Øy! yeah im talkin to you!

you best watch out or imma take your keykardz!
So yeah wew been spendin alot of time with the allmighy photogaphierre Olav Stubberud. And he was so kind to send us some pixtaz to put up here on our pretty little blog!
First out is the one and only Jonas akak Kjærstin, how is bytheway not chillin in the bigjump on this flawless mornin shoot we got pumpin one of them dayz! Chekkiout and give some love!
TH bringinh a uberfresh Fs 3, and the mushroom is just chillin
Allso i got a picture to prove that i acctually am snowboarding somethimes! not just drinkin coffy and shoutin "øy" to everyone
Eine Ivert by Miss Piggztah!
In other news, nothing really acctually. we keep on shreddin this bigas pice off snow for a while.. come ride with us if you wantz to`?
Simon aka Sisco is in suddndaln choppin some wood for the sickest park ever to be built ever. 2010/11 bitches!!!
Weeell MP is outs!
Saturday, July 18, 2009


hey, long time no no!

ive been planning heaps of blogposts but it seems ive never come around to posting any of them.
One from Hove festival, one from folgefonna trip 1, one from working, one from folgefonna trip 2, and random stuff. I guess these posts will show up randomly over the next period of time - hopefully :D

soooo, maybe I could start off with a little summary from Hove, which is the largest festival in Norway. Pretty funky. I'll leave out the boring stuff about me hanging out drinking beer, rocking concerts, and hugging my girlfriend, and rather focus the adventures of my fellow tenter and shroomer Pål Brekka.

He got drunk. Vomited whilst mid-bj. Got Drunk. Lost his festivalpass. Got drunk. Woke up in unknown piss. Got drunk. Lost his carkeys. Got drunk. Lost some more stuff and got more drunk. Owed a lot of money and apologies. Good times!

motherfuckin long
kvalm kar

New post shortly. Enjoy?

BY THE WAY, bonus post. That is my dad in the middle. No joke. I will post more about him if requested!


we is retards


Yet again, sorry for not bloggin... but them other deeds dont dooz anything and im running out of retarded videos and shit..
Anyways. here is a kickass video of Johan The lipztickguy Børgenzkquizt testin out the new bonk that we put up the other day..


Bandonkabonk Chick

Anyways,,, yesterdayz me and Krizzlum the mighty Kire was up all night rebuilding the park. we made everything soooo super massive and it was aaall soooo good,
And then today we was gonna shred the shaizor out of it! BUT! as we went up the mountain, things started locking shady.. and the wind was just crazyinsane! sooo everything went shitfuck. and then we went down again.. and that just sucks ass.

So yeah, but one goood thing though! we is got ze internett in the appartemente that we live in., so maby, more blogs will be created with great speed and furious anger.

Sorry for my bad Nanglesè

And the MP is OUTZ!
Thursday, July 9, 2009

folgefonna & 2pac for life

IM still in folgefonna shreddin and waiting for Martin Grønneberg to get here!
øøøøøh its super awsome here and i have nothing else to say...

You should come.

Hot girls forever & ofcourse 2 pac


Heey there!

We're still in fonna and i'ts awesome! All the campkids are gone now so we got the hole park to our self! its perfect shaped everymorning by MR.Fossheim himself and his crew. So get your ass off the beach and come here and shred! :)


Fast blogg, fast edit

Yeyeah,,, fast as hell.....

blazing treat #4 or somethin

we made this a week ago or so, but yeah, here you goz

Mp is bitches!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Shred Shrooms

Here are som fun stuff from Fonna. There have been some serious shreding. Have been super nice wheater and now when the camps are finished we have this great park all for us self.

Here we have mr "im so fucking pist off in thee morning aka Kerstin" doing a tailpres on the donky dick!

Being a dick on the donky dick.

This is the first of many to come. It´s going to be a weekly bail section. Its called "bail of the weak" Here is the first one, it me doing a front flip or at least trying.

Dina does the doubble down and Jocke is doing the face to the ground

And finaly here is a tune for you how likes us mushroom´s:

Give some love if you feel like it in the comment´s

Jocke is out
Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sorry for not blogging!

Hey young world!

Whats up`?

sorry i havent been bloggin for a while, but everything has been shitfucked alot and so so...
and the other retards have forgotten how to do this shit? or something

Anyways! finally the camp is over, and the park is acctually gettin together.. people seems stocked and stuff so yeah.

But yea, we had some shoots! and they all worked out sweet, first Martin Grønneberg was here with some guys, then some skiers from secondhands, then olav stubberud, and then the first team for the battery challenge or something, and then some more and some more and even more ... so thats why ive been buisy, allso my car died on me so we had to sleep up at the glacier a couple of night and that tottalllly sycked ass

Weeeell--- theeze is some pictures from today,, they are fun

We put up a pipe for a humongus pipe.. then we took it down again.. happiii

LZG went for it..

Kire died, haha!


Mushroom Crew aint nothin to fuck with? ehm-..

So Anyways... we is keepin the park goin,, so come shredd with us.. videoiz vill be made. pretty ssoooonnn

Till then! checkout this retarded video:



I made the funnyes contest evver! i boutght this pineapple and gave it to krogstie. and then he had to pas it on to someone after wearing it for 1 hour, on wensday,,and then people was going to keep on passing it around till saturday 14.00 and the one that had the pineapple then would get 4 6packs of hineken beer!!! thats alot of money

And guess what! everything worked out smootly till friday night, cus suddenly the pinapple was gone! so i was just standing there on saturday with 4 sixpaxs of beer and noone could come and clame it


yeah, MP is outz

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Mushroom crew goes Norheimsund!

After shreding everyday we desided to go on a road trip to Norheimsund. We took the ferry from Jondal and when we arrived we got at suprise, the bus to Norheimsund didnt leave for 3 hours. So we walked to Coop and bought BEER. After a while we got drunk and started to jump from the dock. It was a really good time.

When we arrived to Norheimsund we bought new socks, undewear and more beer.....

When we got home we played Volleyball with some friends from the ski hill. It was a great day!!!!


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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