Sunday, May 17, 2009

Then i say whaat?! Fonnaupdates


So we finally started this years Skillpoint session and Johan desperatly tryed to get in a good lead though he failed badly, Kire sofar is in the lead with 100 poing and me on the last place with minus 30.

As you all know, Skillpoint is what defines you skill in various things or stuff.. But manly, touching cows on the way up to the glacier. All mushroomers and other people are in this magic competiton, and as we all know, the winner gets 500 NOK worth of Gomp, the Candy.

Anyways, here is a video of Johan aka LZG aka Lip-Ztick-Guy, when he tryes to get some of them beautiful points..


And allso! the park buildilations are goin pretty good! the tripple line is soo sweet like a mothafocka, so GOD DAIM!

Today we buildt some fun shit on top of the mountain. Had to try out like a million things to get shit right but it ended up with a launchy butterbox into a roller into a popgap, into one more popgap, into a bigger popgap, into a Retardspine into a bs Corner. SO YEYAH!

Here is a video of the feature. i suck at filming and snowscootering at the same time but its awsome extreem. AND SOON WE WILL GET THE RAILS UP!

And some pictures..



YEAH so come shredd fonna and ill give you a high five!

AND By the Way! JOHAN the lipztickguy HATES bitches that dress up in costumes though they dress up sexy and not take it to the fullest... let me show you what he means..

He' Hates this...

This is he's cup of tea...

The End, Outz, MP

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Sig Tveit said...

Blogg noen piktchaz frå trippellinen då:D

Beyer said...

Haha, lookin good in Fonna! weooweeo


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