Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introduzing Johan! The lipstickguy

Whatupwhatupp? sorry that the posting has been bad, but ive been working on fucking up machines and shit.

Finally we got some nice wather! its awsome extreeme. i accutally got to do some snowboarding as well!!

Erik and Johan came 3 days ago., and of course we had to test Johan in a game of Scratch. (all 1's all 3's and so on)

So we decided that the loser would have to weare pink lipstick til the end of the month!! HAHA and guess who lost! JOHAN THE LIPSTICKGUY!

Here is a move from after he's final Bail, giving him 3 dots and lipstick for a month.

In other news. Me and Jon made a fun kicker in the rain just before the sun came out. I tryed hitting it with a akebrett (sledthingy) and Jon did a sw bs rodeo of it!! its pretty fun. Here is the video from that session:

And finally. Things went well with the cat, but then i brok the whole thing that hold the blade.. in 3 fuckin pices... it was so fucked i could not even beleve it. BUT! then today, me and Sven Olaff Fixed it. so if you got a price for being skilled? then give it to us, cuz we tha best.

And the big kicker will be done by tomorrow!

AND! Nothing else!

OH wait. Jokke also came and he is stocked!


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Beyer said...

Haha, very nice Johan! Looking forward to see thoose nice pink Lips in a couple of days:) And Jon was pretty damn good on snowboard! nice to see some snow action finally!! Wehoo


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