Monday, May 25, 2009

Late Superpark update!

It was alot of fun there, the sun was shining everyday and the kickers was huuuuge. I was really sick the first days so that was bad.. I thougt i had the Swineflue haha. But then i was riding the last 2 days and that was fun! I really wanna go there next year again but then i have to make sure im not getting ill. After superpark we went to Reno and that was cool, huuuge casinos everywere. First time i was on a casino.. i couldnt play but whatever i dont wanna use money on those things:P Im now home in Ulricehamn, Sweden and chilling. Im gonna start train up my body 3 days a week so im ready for next season! I was in Malung 3 days ago and checked out my new school.. Looks really good and i got some school to do now in summertime so i can travel next season:) Hope you all doing good! have a nice day.

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Miss-PiGGy said...

yeah boy! get juz ass to folgefonnz!


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