Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Folgefonnz The worst day ever.

SO, Today sucked totally ass... well it wasn that bad cuz it came like at least 50 cm of fresh pow!!! so, pow wow wow jippy jo jippi yeyah.
But allso the snow and the bad wather was kinda the thing that made it so shitty., For a starter, i drowe up to work early in the mornin, and i saw this car that had slipped of the road cuz of all the snow, and i figured that i had to drive up to the skicenter and get the cat to pull it out. When i got 6 meters past the car who had slipped out... well, then i slippe out on the other side!!HAHA real nice. SO we had to walk up to the skicenter to get the cat to get both cars out.

Me off the road takin a pic of the other car thats of the road. good times...

Had to bring in the "Wild Cat"
Aight so anyways... That took like ages, so i was planning to go down, but luckily Alv The Man Came and claired the road with the big snow remowalthingy... So we got up to the glacier..
Alv The Man, He's Rail will be up in a Couple of days!
Well, i thought we could continue buildin on this park and i was pretty stocked cuz of all the snow, and after 1 hour of retarded noises from the cat, (witch turned out to be lack of water), i started to go up the mountain. I pushed some snow for about 30 minutes and wanted to take a lock at shit from the side, just to get all proportions right and shit... so this is what i did: Drowe to the side. but apparently, the cat (not the Wild Cat) decided to try to siucide! So it poped the right Belt of and it went straught of the whel's and Inwords into the machine!?!???! WHAT THE FUCK!? so the machine is a total mess and hopefully i can fix it tomorrow but its such a retarded thing... so im pissed, so fuck you whoevers fault it is.. BITCHES!
And to top this beautiful day off... When i was goin down, suddnly theres a man in the road, probably some russian dude, claiming that he is going up to the glacier so i had to move my car?! First of all, i was not movin my car, second ... there's a metre of snow on the road?! he would never get up there.. SO he had to start backing up... and Guess what,, he was russias worst sjofør ever! he used allmost 1 hour to back up 150 meters,,, so im pissed,, WHATEXZ
But in other news:! Fun shit!:D
Bigups to Kire And Simon for theis shots in friflyt and Playboard.. here are the pic's!
Simon Fossheim.. Noseprezz
Bomb Dirzzl By Sisco
Erik Karlsson, aka Kire.. FONNA REPPP!

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Beyer said...

Damn! Thats a real shit-day. Wy does everything happen at the same time? hang in there cherrypie!!


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