Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mushroom Cribs Volum play record shit

Hey, woootuuubz?

I finally got a place to stay. and i tryed to make a cribs episode, but it aint that funneh cuz im livin by myself... soo it aint that funne.. THOUGH! its extremly funny when i try to say refridgerator.. i seem to be a retardt or somethin

And im buildin a tripple line and it poppin into a sweet jib island or something fresh but here is the idea, got the landins all fixed and shit so i just need som visabilatyz and ill get them bitchez done!


4 Give Love? (Comment):

Sig Tveit said...

oooohhh, nononno, this is too good to be truuueee, shiiit:D:D:D

mathias said...

ahh cant wait to shred tha rails!

Anonymous said...

yeah , looks good .. how big will these jumps be?

Anonymous said...

Hvilke program bruker du til å lage de tegningene?


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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