Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shooting and shit! With the Mighty Håtveit

Aight! so ive had some fun buildin with the Håtveits lately.
At Monday we went all the way to Myrkedalen to try and get the jump done and start shooting it, but when we came there, the clouds was dissing us like hell. So we decided to go back to suddndaln and play halo 3 the hole day. it was pretty fun!

Then the next day we decided to do something stupid. so Jon took the Traktor and Me and Andreas brought a rail way up on the mountain to build a wierd feature. Andreas wanted to try and to a kicker-to-launcher-rail-to-roadgap-kinda-thingy. So that is basicly what we did!


Anyways. We build the thing at it locked pretty cool, and Andreas tryed it a couple of times and then he did some crazy shit on it, first a 270 and then a 630 of the rail and over the road. After that he blastet a huge backflip of the rail!! and its a single pipe?! He is fucked up in hes head sometimes! haha

630, just chillin...

Say wooooth? Fhoto by Emil ûberprofotoguy

So after Andreas session on the stupid rail setup, i did the roadgap a couple of times.. it was pretty fun! started of with a fs 7 to-noteveninthelanding-to-frontflip-to-starfishsuperflip-tofaceplant. And then i got a back 5 and fs 3. I should have hit it a couple of more times but im a lazy motha! hahah

Westbeach makes me lock like you want to lo like

BS Fizzl

FS Trizzl

That was yesterday... Today! we went spontanious and decided to go to myrkedal again. And we did. Me and Andreas was there like 9 and it was misty and cloudy and everything sucked, but we was like... well fuck it lets just try!
So we went up with one dude in a cat and shaped the whole kicker in like 3 hours! and by that time both Jon and the sun had popped up! so that was steezy bizniz!

Anyways,, we salted and steesed the spot up a little so that it did not look like pure shit. and then andreas and jon did their jumps and parashooting and shit and the results where pretty awsome mega extreme...

Here is a picture of the jump:


And tomorrow, Simon and some of he's crew is going to hit this beatchz, i just hope they deare to hit it! haha

And mega bigups to the incredible sweet blog made by the omegasupreeme Perå aka Perry,.

Tomorrow we iz tryin to do something more wierd and stupid then the rail to roadgap so that can be a fun blog! haha., Ceep upz the blogging !

and here is a link to a video from theGlorydayze contest:

MP is outz!

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