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GIANT post!

Just got back from switzerland and the european final of Volcom's Peanut Butter and Rail Jam. It was heck of a trip, and we all had a good time. Mathias Nordby, Martin Ruge, Vegard Backe, Dina Treland, Yvonné Denne, Elise Elvehøy, the two kids Ådne and sindre and myself. The journey to the little village in the swiss alpes Les Diablerets was nice, and my Holga and my drawing-and-etc book (bogå mi) had a good time.

surrounded by huge mountains we took the gondola up to the glacier after a couple of days of relaxing and minishred sessions down in the village. It was saturday and contest-day. The setup was sick! I like it from the start, some standard stuff and someting new and creative! Thats always nice? Three loong rails. Flat down box, down rail, and a snowbox thing with a flat dooown rail on the side, with a little flat rail on top of the snowbox. Gaaap up to the rail. And also you could drop from the snowbox down to the flat down.

Minidudes first. Ådne was shredding and qualified to the finals. sindre was unlucky. Then the girls. Dina and Elise were shredding, Yvonne unlucky. Then 16+ heat 1. Both Vegard and Martin were shredding the dillwitz, 270's both the easy way and the hard way, gapping shit and not gapping shit. sweet! Vegard was suprisingly more hardcore than usual seeing that he forgot his snowpants in Norway, and had to shred with his jeans. Can ya diiiigggg that? Martin was his same creative and technical self, and was laughing the whole heat trough, popping little nollie back tail variations and grabbing his board while sliding.

16+ heat two. Me and mr. magooooo:D
He started hiking up when the speaker let us know when it was about time, while I decided to shred through the park and take the lift up, so I would barely make it. You know, kinda just glide into the heat after it startet. That was a bad plan. After getting of at the top and heading towards the start, this kid yelled at me:

"Hey, your binding is over there."

A little part of me died in that moment.

I ran around looking for a flat screwdriver for 10 minutes whilst everybody else was taking advantage of the 30 minute jam. Fuck screws and ancle straps. And thanks french guy for helping me. After getting back to the top,exhausted and out of energy, I barely managed to get in a decent trick on each of the three rails. But I didnt think it would be enough to make the finals, and it wasnt. Made me a little sad. The judge missing my trick didnt help much either. WHATEVER. enough crying :D
The finals started of with each of the groups shredding 15 minutes on each rail. After 15 minutes they swapped rail. Genius. After two hits Elise caught her edge on the rail, and slammed face first on the snow. KNOCK OUT. It was terrible, laying there motionless and making yucky sounds. We made her laugh when she woke up so that was nice, but she didnt remember anything so the HELI came and flew her to the hospital. Good Riddance. she's all good now.

Ådne made som good tricks in the juniors, and made 3rd place. Congrats!!
Magoon and Moulin Rouge were both shredding, and they both delivered heavy bangers. Back tail casanova on the downrail from Martin and insane combos from Mathias. Hardway shit, tech shit, you name it. The level of riding was iiiiinsane, good riders. Although some of them were relatively crazy. As in crazy rider.

The prize ceremony included insane amounts of stash to the top 5. We're talking ipods, skateboards, clothing, snowboards, plane tickets and stickers!!! MAthias got split 3rd place!! Fully deserved. Maybe even better? Winner was Marc swoboda, an international am or something for volcom, and also a judge in the competition. He was just shredding for fun and he won! He didn't like that at all so he gave all the stash to Dominik Wagner on 2nd place, thats cool. He also won best trick with a crazy combo, which he didnt enjoy either. He's a nice guy. Perhaps even up there with Andreas Håtveit and Danny Larsen!?! What do you think Emil?

We went back down, had a good meal and a KILLER party, and headed back home the next evening, after throwing Mathias' boots in the river. GOOD trip. Lots of laughs, lots of memories. Hopefully I'll get the shots I took with the Holga up on the blog!

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Miss-PiGGy said...

duuuuuuuude sickers blog eva to be seeen!!:) to bad that the binding fukced up, you would easely have won if it work i think, cuz the steez is beyond!


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