Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Robins Hood invitational, Tonsofpicz

SO i went to the Robins Hood invitational this weekend in hovden, it was totthaly awsomez! fun people, fun contest and sweet weather. Here are some pic's from the weekend!

Paal Jefen and Smith posin in the sun!

Steezy bitchech
After the contest we went up to Selmars kottoage and started climbing trees for some reason. But it was fun!

HAH! scaryz

Even though Pål is the worlds talles guy, he never goes over the speed limit.

I came third in the contest, and i won this thing! haha
It was actually pretty fun!
I was hungry so kristina made me a hamburger! BOYAA
In other news. Diriving and stuff! if yous a gangsta, and your ever drivin from Trondheim to Steinkjer, you should try and take "the Golden Detour" with is kinda fucked. But! there's a place ther called Gangsta(d)haugen !! hahah iz funni
You bedda watch out fool!

Heeeeeeeey i just passed 3000000 on my countingthingy! YEYAH
And last but not least, me and sigdawgz and Perå and Kire and hopefully some other mushrooms is goin to Ramundberget today to do the Piststilen contest witch is swedens big snowboard contest or somethin! you will get alot of updatez from there.
And allso!! there are some pix in this number of friflyt of Kire! dubb page!! PROOOPS
And allso x2 !! there are one dubbpage and one moore page and and artickle and shit of Simon aka Sico in Playboard! i will page dem prettty soon!
Mp is Outs!

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