Friday, April 17, 2009

Fonna and shit and stuf and something.....

Aight, so i promised y'all that i would pop some info on the Folgefonna. But first:
today i went to Myrkdalen, where me and andreas built the best kicker ever last year, and now we went back there to checkout some schaise for this year, and hopefully (only depening on the weather) we can build a meganice stepup kinda thing: this is what it will look like;

Tadaaaaa <3

Ok. so back to the fonna shit.

For you who dont know, folgefonna is a glacier on witch i and the Mushroommagic produce the greatest summerpark ever everey year. just so you know, its the best, ever, times a million.
So. my plans for this year is as following:

1)Go there (may 1)
2)Start building the 3 bottom kickers witch will be like threehoundred million times as big as the 2 i had last year, or at least a bit bigger since its goin to be 3 of them this year:
3)Put up last years rails.
4)Build alot of backflippy spine/ uberhight equals-maby-dobbelback-but-allso-chill-rodeo-kickers.
5)Then around the 8 of May im going to go and get the Mushroom Crew Signature Rail, its a blog about it further down somewhere.
6)And then, im building a Mega bigjump, and maby one more.
7)And of course a mega fun but allso gappable hip.
8)And then! i might build some rails or buy some rails or something depending on what kinda sponsords i get and stuff and things.
9)After that i migt make myself a nice dinner, or eat a WAFFLE
10)And finaly, shred the hell out of it.

After all this im probably going to build alot of other stuffz so its going to be packed.

Allso! im staying there from the 1 of may to the 1 of august so for all you shreddesz out there, just come shredd. all summer and all summer once more. its awsm.

And then! here are some pics of the snowconditions at folgefonna as we speeeekz, (12meeter?!)

Snow? yup

My cat, the Wild Cat gettin dirty;)

Mark Dubas and the Mighty Mush
Ok hope you liked that info kinda shit thing, and last but not least. A funny Video! HAHA

Gettin Stocked on Banana Milk eeh?
MP is Outz

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Anonymous said...

Haha du har sjuk humor Emil!

kvanneid said...

rått! grattis med plasseringen!
GLEDER meg til Fonna når jeg ser disse bildene!
DRØYT med snø!! :D


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