Thursday, April 16, 2009

Andreas Håtveit Invitizzle

Aight boyz & gals...

This right here is an update from a couple of awesome days in Sudndalen. Andreas Håtveit invited some of Norwegian's most exquizit ridaz to shred his backyard. Lucky for me, I was one of them! Andreas' idea behind the whole thing was to gather a bunch of good riders and have a killer time. AND we did have a great time! I'm real impressed by Andreas, cuz he had like a fever and shit and his throath was painy-painy. It didn't stop him from shaping, riding, editing, ballin', stuntin' and most of all beeing the best host ever!

But, back to the competitions. There were 3 comps - Candy Invitational, The Splash Battle and the Scratch Battle. We arrived midday on monday and started practicing for the Candy Invitational. Candy Invitational = a 3 hour rail jam where you were supposed to impress Andreas with some of them soopa-crazy trickz on steel from Mo i Rana. The rail line was reeeaaaally sick and fun. First it was a real fun dobble down, then a 8 meter downrail, then there was a 3-4 meter gap into a downbox and then the last feature was a thing i don't know what is called with a downrail down from it. Next to the thing i don't know what is called it was a really sick spine with a barrel tap on it!

Thomas Dølplads ended up winning, followed by me (:D) and Marius Kjølseth. An edit will be posted on pretty soon!

Some pictures from Thomas Kleiven:

The way clean/fun rail line!

My style is official.. tihi.

Thomas impressing the judges...

Switch 630 - 450 off deffinetly deserves some candy points!

Thomas beeing superior...

Today it was the Splash Battle and The Scratch Battle. The Splash Battle was a diving competition where the best trick and the best slam was awarded. Marius won the best trick with a misty 5 to backflip, and PC Fosse showed us the hardest slam with a superman frontflip to his back (it was all planned aka. suicide). At 10 o'clock in the evening it was set for the Andreas Håtveit Scratch Battle. It was a brand new competiton format. We started out doing all the 180s, then all the 360s, and so on and so on. I hurt my knee after my switch 360 so i had to quit it there. Andreas surprisingly (næææt) ended up winning it all with Stian Eriksen on second and Klaus Finne on third. Daaaaym awesome!

Now I'm going home to Voss, where I'm gonna chill with school which is really chill and smooth. And then I'm gonna shoot with Verse Productions, some people from Finland... Sick huuuh?

Btw, there is allready an edit form the Candy Invitational Practice on Check it out cuz it's crazo.

Thanx Andreas for an awesome weekend!


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