Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Streetrails Oslo

So... Finally it's time for an update! Better late than never they say. Right now i'm in Oslo with Kire, Kuske and Lill'e. We have been shreddin some rails here in Oslo with the Ducksjen crew. Kuske and Kasper is documenting everythig with their fancy cameras :) Today Olav Stubberud joined in to take some photos. I will asure you, he got some killer shots! So far it has mostly been Down-Flat-Down rails but i hope that tomorow will be some other kind of rail. If you look below you will see pictures from some of the rails we have been hitting for the last couple of days. Next Week I will go to Kläppen to meet shred some Park. Keep in touch!

PS. Mattias Nessheim might be the sickest dude ever, he nailed the 26+26 stair Down-flat-down 3rd try. Not even the slightest sketch...

Down-Flat-Down outside of Oslo

Down-Flat-Down, Oslo Downtown

Down-Flat-Down 26+26 stairs, Huge!

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