Tuesday, January 19, 2010



FINallY! i got som pixz from the park here, finished it about 4 days ago but them weathers been shitty n stuff!
BUT its so\ awsome that you are too! fablumpbd.

Schways, Paul tha Kakebuggi Man is here right now, and as usual im laughin my face of cuz he might be the funnyest guy ever.

And to quote him from he's rap yesterday in the park; "my dick is on fire, click click clik clik, two balls on a boone".

Weeeeell; here are some pictures from the kickers and the park in general.

The first one is of kicker numbrero Uno. And FishingrOdd Roar Soleglad just took thisone when Paul was arriving like he allways does, just like superman.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? no,,, its a flying blackman, goin "hey ladies, ball's on a boone" and shit.

HAH! wellaight, randompix of the park, droppin in:




POPSikklEgunin the mornin!

Ya like?

Them be some more rails and shit over there ---> but we didnt take no pix of them today. but yeah they will show?


We were suppose to make a Edit ya know, and you do earn it so we are indeed sorry that Crilldor, Did the following things:

1.Bought a wack ass Cam that didnt even work
2.Bought the thightest pants in the history of the world, eventhought i told him the was ugly. and then he said when he got them "they was ugly" and he sent them back
3.Tryed a dub backflip and failed sohard cuz he tryed it of ow a rainbowbox.
4.pussyed out on the SW front rodeo on an AIRBAG! and instead of landin on hes back on the bag, He smaked hes head in like onemillion kilometars an hour into the kicker and allmost fainted!
5.Major overshooting of every kicker.
6. being handsome.


Thats it for now, still waitin on LZG's shit, Loong paals shit, Kire's Shit and all them owa guys shit. but they suck

Mp is OUTS bitcheeez!

3 Give Love? (Comment):

Carola said...

superkult ass!

Crilldor said...

and all th4e girls said, pretty fly for a black guy!

ps it´s not paul at the picture. it´s hancock

Anonymous said...

Fliiiiink<3 Emil er superHot;)


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