Monday, January 18, 2010

Burton european open

Me, Grilo, Chris

Me, Maurer, Bang, Kimmi, Grilo.

Hey there.
Burton european open finals! It was so much fun riding and the course was perfect. It was littlebit of wind for the last runs so it was hard to get speed but it was ok..
My run looked like this today, Some jibbing on the rails and the pipewall and then a cab 900 on the first kicker, bs 1080 on the second and then fs 1080 on the last kicker.. I ended up at 6th position so im happy with that!

Peetu got first with bs 1080, front 900 into a cab 1080. Mikkel got 2nd with a cab 7 sw bs 1260 into a fs1080 with the sickest style ever. My man Gjermund Bråten from norway got third with a cab 900, front 1080 into a bs 1080 dubble cork. So stoked for them:)

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Miss-PiGGy said...

sweeeet boiiii congrats!

Crilldor said...

pretty fly for a white guy


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