Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pre-update from breckenridge

OK! Breck is awsome!

We (Simon, Henrik, K-Lekangster and Ole) just arrived at breckenridge, and the first thing we did when we arrived, was to crash our car! hahahahaha!

Check it out, we where driving 300ft behind another car with our mOnster-3tonn-Ford Excursion with the slipperiest tiers ever on pure ice, and then the other car startet breaking for a red light. HAHA, we didn't even slow down at all when we hit the brakes!

so we crashed! pretty funny!

Haha, the people in the other car got pretty pist at us... most because we wracked their car, but also cuz we where laughing our ass of because there car was wracked and we didnt get a scratch! haha
This is what happend to our car:

Ford Excursion VS Toyata Camry : 1 - 0

More updates yet to come! i promez!

piz out

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Miss-PiGGy said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahaha pussycars gets fucked in the ass!

siggi said...


AlexT said...

haha så jävla bra.

Beyer said...

Haha! Just got to love this:)


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