Monday, November 9, 2009

What up?

Im back from Lillyhammer and the Field Railjam. It Was Extreeeeme. More updates on that later. cuz now im sore like fuck.

Anyways. My brother Simon aka Sisco is looking for a job, in oslo.. He just does not seem to find anything. Last week he went to a job interview for the position as the salesmanager at a Mobilephone company.

He did not get the job.

haha! Hoook him up if you got some shitsnizz

Pix and Movies from the railjam will be made! Keep viewin and drop some comments!

Mp is Outs!

3 Give Love? (Comment):

disco daniel said...

haha, simon--

Beyer said...

he's got a job at varingskollen.....fulltime!

Anonymous said...

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