Friday, November 6, 2009

Field Prod Railjam


Im at Lillyhammer right now, just came here yesternights and it was aaaall good. bought the materials for the setup and stufz. But was too late to start veldin or anythin.
But way early this mornin we got shit done.

I iz veld?

We got done like 1 minute before the workplace closed, stocked!

Ya diiiig?

Then we got all the railshit in to lillyhammer and shit, tested it on them stairs and it was way cool. After that we smacked togezza the dropin shit and tomorrow we iz puttin down some snow. all fresh yano!

Me and even went to macdz and i got myself a plate cuz i forgotabout it!

Now im chillin at Klawzenz place. it is awsom.

Ill popp an update tomorow from the setup and shit. testin videoz.

And saturday, thats when its goin down. The railjam thats going to be sweet! Checkit!

MP is Outz

3 Give Love? (Comment):

Kire said...

Jag fattade inte ett enda ord.

Miss-PiGGy said...

fast du är et ord, Fis

Beyer said...

jag fattade fan inte heller emil:P du får ju faktiskt skärpa dig lite. och du.....clean setup!


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