Monday, November 23, 2009



just a quick update from vierli this weekend!

almost crashed with a dude coming into my side of the road on my way up.

first test run of the jumps, went after Joakim, had alot of speed, and was right behind him on the first jump. On the seccond jump i had way more speed and jumped over him. luckily he pushed me away so he wouldnt get realy hurt. sorry Joakim

thursday Miss piggy came up to get the feel of his board again, good to see he still got it! Big UP
for the flossyflip, coolest thing ever!

next few days a lot of rain but still alot of fun and good riding

saturday the contest was delayd many many hours because of the weather so it turned out to be night contest wich was realy cool i think!
alot of sick riding, lots of 9's and big 7's.

1. Sondre
2. Ulrik
3. Joakim

i ended up on 5th but i'm really stoked on that!

forgot my camera up there, but as soon as i get it i will post some photos!

Check out Vierli later this season, it's gonna be sick!


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