Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Field railjam Update


Since nobody else seems to wants to blog about the railjam then, as usual, i have to do it.
I fuckin made the whole shit! velded the rails, dug all the snow, invited all the shroomers and all that, and i have to blog as well?!? blææh

Anyways.. Perry! Came 3, big shroom for him wooptidoo
Torgeir Berre won the whole shit, did not come as a suprise cuz he killed it! Not only did he kill it but he killed everyone and everything at all thime.. that dude might be one of the absolute best overall boarders ever.. but he does not get enough on him, coz he is flyin!
Joakim Nyhaugen came 3.
And Mathas Nesheim and Norby was killin the shit,, like crazy guys killin shit! like this waay perf front 1 nose press and the press was like... preszzzzzzzzhhhhhhhhh AH! sweet! and some cab 3 onto the donkydick, and like real cab 3ss like whoapishz!

In the ski area,

Even steven Sigstad the mainman behind the contest won,, not suprisingly cuz he seems to know all them trix on the rails... he might even be the inventor of railin on skiis..?
Øystein Braathen on 2 !!!! Gørthomth aka Gjermund Braathens lilbrother! That dude will go far cuz he is like 1 years young and was killin all of the olderlyes!
And Dølph on 3 doin all kinds of crazyness.

Our Skirepresentant Sigdawg did not do soo good... HAHA!

Well i wont laugh cuz i sucked ass bigtime aswell.. and so did kire.. and the lipstickman tryed to get layed with the stairs, so he broke he's pelvis. Hihi, Sisco got drunk so he did not even ride that day.. so yeah. at least we got Perry!:D

Blææhblæh here is Friflyts Video from the event:

CHECKOUT MY "oh my, theres a camera, best gets out the way" look 1 min and 35 seks inn,.

Boom all ski no board?

A bird told me even was poppin a vid tomorrow! so keep your eyes open

Meanwile? some pictures:
Sig,, fallin of the DFD... haha naaa im just kiddin
Pørr, Firsttryin the Dubb Ds with a way fresh frontlip.. Hes from NZ ill betcha!
Look how happi perry is... "i hate the mushroom thats stuck in my hat"
Weeell,, i hope at least ONE person read somthin of what i wrote,, cus it took me cuite a while...
Leace a comment ?
MP is Outz!

7 Give Love? (Comment):

Elise said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Emil!!!! You tha mææææn! Oh yes veery!

siggdaog said...

no he's not, he's making fun of me publicly. and he has not uploaded the geilo cellphone shot yet

Beyer said...

Nice emil. Happy to see you write that long. big up!

Anonymous said...

No girls in the contest??

Anonymous said...

emil is just like finnish lordi, huhh

Anonymous said...

It sure was girls in the comp. Maybe if you read what it says in the video you'll se girls

Danny said...

Fett! Det så ut som en kul contest-


A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, hence the word mushroom. We are not this kind, we just shred.
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