Saturday, June 13, 2009


Yeah, after our succsess the other day with the making of signs, me and kire started improving our signmaking skills.. so, the mushroom productions has got one new skill and one more thing in their production.
This new part is called "De Sign" and what we do is designing sings, or basicly sign design... kinda fun to say that many times fast, sign desing sign design sign design-... muhah!

Well anyways.. today, we buildt the base for the small line, fixed some shit, met the mighty Paul Kabugo, and of course.. made some signs...

Here are some pictures... if your interrested in some totally awsome kickass mega signs.. just hollar and we might just make you one!

Imagine a dude coming locking for the park and he is like.. "Park?" this is our answer to that special dude! BOZAAAY!!!!
And yeah, LZG made a dick, and the Wally Horse does not mind at all..... pitty...
SOooo thats bacicly whats up, the cat is still fucked so things are going slow. but fear not friends and enemyz the park will blossom, and when it does.. it will put all your chains off or something cool.

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Petter Solheim said...

Yoo! I want a sign! The sign shall say "Petter Solheim" and point in the direction of the T-Bar. Haha. Can you fix it?

Miss-PiGGy said...

fo shizzl snhnizll! just wait till i get some spare wood and ill arrange!

Petter Solheim said...

Yeah dude. Thats what im talkin' 'bout! Cant wait!

Mon. Hulot said...

That is a very nice sign for the park but the arrow is pointing the wrong way, it is the other way to the park.

Here is how: You walk from the ticket office down to the end of the car park, up the cliff on the left side, walk along the top, climb down the cliff, cross over the racing lines, go under the lift and there is the park facing you - easy!

Hey no problem to ask me for directions, I know my way in life.

Anonymous said...

Yeeaah, looks sick! love the new rail. are you getting anything more up? boinks, og any more rails?
The park looks sick, soo sweet, to have a blog about it.
Hope everything is up on tyhe 5 july, then we are coming to shreedd!


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