Monday, June 8, 2009

Nothing Really


Sorry that we have been so lazy on the bloggin... but we are lazy! hehe

Anyways.. i havent got to much to write about this time, but ill just put up something fun still.

The other day we went to Norheimsund, its just across the fjård from Jondal, they got stores and shit. Anyways... The first thing we see is this sign and everyone started laughing their heads off!

HAHAH Dickparty

Anyways... that was kinda fun, but we decide to go inside this store to checkitout.. and the first thing we see is this sign!! HAHAHHA

38 cm of pure taste pleasure! haha

Well, we felt kinda freaked out by this store so we went to the toys shop to checkout some airplanes and shit, and as i enter the door, i see this guy flippin crazy with he's Jojo!


JOJo mmmmmhm

So anyways. Today i was supposed to die but somehow i didnt.. I just drowe my car as usual, and BOM! suddenly i was like all spinny and shit! and way too fast going just all wrong and shit! And i was going straigh of the road in the middle of no where!

I was like, oh schnap! this is all bad! and going at that speed i was pretty shure that things would end pretty bad, BUT! for some reason! i managed to crash onto this small road leading of the main road! so instead of trashing into the mountain or intoo some bigass threes a just slide like 70 meters or something, still while spinning, on this road!?? hahahhaha and then i hit this thing:

Sorry to the guy who owns this, but i broke it...

And this is what happend to my car?! it barley scratched it!!

weeeell weell well..

So i just popped on the extra tire and drowe off, and then i passed an ambulanse that im pretty shure was ment for me! hahaha

So yeah, thats whats up. im back at fonna now, and ill start building tons of new features for the park eizap'! just so u know.

MP is out!

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oddodd said...

funny shit=)

Beyer said...

Oh no! that kinda sucks man, with the car and everything

Sig Tveit said...

"du siggdogg, æ e så sykt dåli å kjør bil"... rett før ein 6 t lang biltur me emil. eg skal aldri sitta på me deg igjen :p


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