Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Down flat? jissør!


So, the cat broke down like a million times.. and that kinda sucked.. cus we iz pretty tierd of fixin it all the time! but now i think its like über nice*! thanks to the sledneck guys!

Anyways... the park is coming along pretty got but it takes way longer than planed since the cat and all and you know and stuff..

But! We put up the new downflat today and simon tryed it since he is like a Von Zipper Rider. and it says Von Zipper on the side. Nice match!

Weeeeeeell now im bored..

Buthey! i made a thing on the cat today so i can wave a flag back and forth while im driving the caT its worth checking out! yeyah!

Here is a video of Simon... iz nice!

Sisco? Yes indeed

Weeel ive got nuthing to blog about today acctually... so it sucks but hey, YOU blog something for once?!?

Oh and feel free to leave a comment! give some love down there! peace!

Mp is Outz?

2 Give Love? (Comment):

Aleks said...

smooooooooth rail!!

Anonymous said...

Heeey! Love these updates, but was wondering if you could make an update where you have pictures of thw whooole park? would be sooo sweet. your rock!


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