Sunday, June 28, 2009


So yesterday me, Jonas, Jocke, johan and Emil were building the tripple-line so it would be smoth as a babys butt. On the way up to fonna emils car died and we had to get lift the last bit. We were building to 04.30 and then we had 3.5 hours until shaping time again. I have a suggestion for all you guys and girls out there who´s planing on going to fonna, get a car like the one on the picture. It will never break down!

Crusing down the street in my 64....

Anyway, Fonna is really good and we will soon come with some pictures and fotage from the park. Stay tuned! Beyer is OOUT!

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Pierre Wikberg said...


Hittade inget enkelt sätt att kontakta er/Fonna Campet så jag slänger upp ett litet meddelande här.

Vore trevligt om någon kunde maila mig.
Ska komma och shredda i helgen och har några frågor..

Tack på förhand /


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