Friday, October 1, 2010


Just had to kill the nastiest millipede thingy which was crowling on the wall next to my bed... I tried to get a picture of it, but he started to run away, so I freaked out had to kill him imidietly!! I almost thought the motherfucker was immortal for a minute, untill I managed to give him the deathcrush...

I fucking hate insects and shit... And I fucking HATE spiders. Living in a basement, my room is full of that shit. Fuck! I'm just hoping I'll be able to sleep tonight. Cuz when I kill an insect I'm not happy or relieved, I'm still scared to death knowing there are probably 10 more in my room somewhere.

FUCK !!!!! Imagen waking up like this:



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Anonymous said...

Or maybe your arm full of this

Anonymous said...

here it is

HAHATER said...

I feel you man, fucking hate that shit.

MelodysMom09 said...

I know how that feels. My daughter(2) and I live in the basement as well. you should see the fucking SPIDERS that live in my window seal. They say they can't get in but really? They look like black widows but i can't bring myself to look hard enough to see their back. I put My daughters Crib in the middle of the room hoping if they do get in they wont care to walk that far. Lol. Spiders are probably my worst fear if not heights.. LAME!!


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