Saturday, May 22, 2010


whadup whadup?

We got them kickers in the tripple line ready now, and soon the top rail line and some more fiiiine kickers will take for at the folgefonzy!

Kuske, the one the only, made this sweet video from a couple of days ago..

Kire, LZG, Kakebuggi, Botner, Nyhaugen, Håtvizzl boiii and more is rippin in the new kickers!


More shit vill be dropped pretty soon,.- so stay tuned!

And yeah, all new levels on Angry Birds,, 3 stars,, easy as shiaat!

Mp Iz OutZ!

8 Give Love? (Comment):

Anonymous said...

Sweetness! Jeg stemmer for Andreas på snowboard! Hvem er med meg?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


jeg stiller på ski lett;)

erik said...


Simon said...

hahaha!! Kire har ju alltid varit en törstig jävel! =)

晓枫 said...

Nice jumps guys!
Also cool music, who's the artist?

Anonymous said...

fett. hva er navnet på sangen?

Kuske Productions said...

Yo! Thanks for the props!

The track is called Neckbrace by the allmighty Ratatat

You can find the track on their latest album LP 4 which will be released sometime in June!
Check it out!



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