Sunday, May 30, 2010



This is wazup. Jocke Razz came to fonna for some serious slayin, so we just had to pimp out them rails for him, he was kind enough to hit the top railline that we put up a couple of days agoz.

Ofcourse Kuske "the ultimate shit" Fahlgren captured it all on some tape and made a sweetass edit of that shit!

Oh yes, you are welcome.

What can one say?

Fresh, Fresher, Freshest, Freshershest!

Till then,

MP is OUtZ!

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Anonymous said...

love killd it lo!!

Anonymous said...

Mad steez

Danny said...

Nice! Kul film, God stemning og dødskul kjøring!

Anonymous said...

drit fett, syk style!

Men dere skal sette opp en svarte dobbel kinken til sommerferien starter ja?

Anonymous said...

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