Wednesday, February 24, 2010



yes i is at Hovden now doin the Shoot for all them bitches and hoe´s.
its aight, didnt get the zize of the kicker that i wanted, though there was now snow , and no time.

Ive been livin at Jonas, Jostein and Nicole´s place, thats been waaaay wicked. they is awsome.

weeell i got some sickass pix from Tengs... and one from Jefen, who is a bitchass siting next to me screamin and shit.

Weeeell ill give you some more pix and stuff later when i got some and some internett and that shit.

Anyway, jefen wanted to say some word about the pictures.

Jeffe: "this is Emil. he is very pretty and good to bulid jumps. i like him. hes work. keeep on
We are cool. stay tuned for more action shots. eeven without clothes! EMIIIIL


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