Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eurosport Live from Halfpipe Olympics

Hi everybody, right now i'm chilling in the Eurosport Office here in Stockholm. Me and Petter just finished commentating the Qualifications for the Halfpipe Olypics in Vancouver, right now the six who are going direcly to finals are the folowing.

Shaun White 45.8
Peetu Piiroinen 45.1
Ryo Aono 43.1
Kazuhiro Kokubo 42.1
Louie Vito 41.8
Iouri Podladtchikov 41.4

Personal favourite Scotty Lago came 5:th in his Qualification and has advanced to the Semifinals wich beggins in 30 minutes. Hopefully he will make it to the finals aswell! We will be coment the Finals Tonight on Eurosport Live here from Stockholm.

Over and out Klas Beyer

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Kuske Productions said...

I'm impressed Beyer!

Your voice sounded like sweet sweet music in my ears!

Anonymous said...

Rejält proffsig o lugnt lät du i TV. Men du missade att hälsa till din älskade o begåvade Far som hjälpt dig igenom livet o burit faderskapets alla bördor när du droppade in i livets pipe. Det hade räckt med ett par välformulerade hedersbetygelser!


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