Monday, December 7, 2009


Hello all,
Long time reader/watcher, first time blogger. My name's Brett (eller; Jeg heter Brett), I worked with mr Emil at Folgefonna a couple seasons ago, and Mr. Emil says to me; Brett, why don't you blog something? I say; Ok Emil.... ok.
And here we are. I'm filming for some putzy park updates at a hill I grew up on snowboarding in New Hampshire, States.... So here's one...
AND I'm in England right now, so of course I went to this dry slope in Gloucester. It was pretty weird. snowboarding on a million welcome mats that you wipe your feet on before entering your house so you mother doesn't backhand you in the head for leaving dirt in the living room she just vacuumed! (Sorry about the slow mo to the porno music, but we didn't have many shots).

Ps... What commands do you use to post the actual live video link. Thank you.

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Miss-PiGGy said...

brett, ju have to embed that shit inn and removall of them passwoerds or it aint watchable! spechally the UK bizniz iliketosiee booiiii!


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