Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Geilo Opeeeen!

Hellow Goodpeople! (godtfolk)

This Saturday the 12th of december it was Geilo open time! What is Geilo open? Its a competition at Geilo, witch is open..

It was Icy, cold and fun! But i had a new board and a fat jacket, so it was only fun.. lots of it!

Anyways, i got to the finals.. aaand here are the results for the finals:

1. Nordgaard Trym
2. Grimsrud Per Iver
3. Richenberg Brage B.
4. Tiller Sondre
5. Kleivdal Morten
6. Solbraa Even
7. Lekang Kristian
8. Ulsletten Emil Andre
9. Korneliussen Eskil
10. Harnes Haakon
11. Blackwell Jessi
12. Neraker Simen
13. Fossheim Simon

As you can see: I WON!! (if you turn it upside down..) Cause I got 13 points! Haha, and Trym got only 1 point, Hahahahhah what a looser!

Aaaaaaand here's a video!!! wohooo!

Next stop: Tacky Invitational!!

Peace out!

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Miss-PiGGy said...


Miss-PiGGy said...

hahahha feteste interviwern everrr!

KAG said...

haha funny clips of Simon!
his retarded!;D

Joakim said...

Simon... inte tråkig interwjuv


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