Friday, October 30, 2009

SaasFee tjuenullni!

HOLLA shroom readers!!! My first blog here at Mushroom is about our trip to SaasFee!

OVERALL: A lot of good snowboarding, good skating, some got arrested, some got lucky.
In two words: GOOD TIMES!!!!
We arrived in SaasFee monday (12okt) night 1am and me (KristianLekang) and MatsNordeidet needed something to drink and eat, so we went out. Everything was closed, but we bumped into a stoked OleHovland who flashed his ladykilling skillzZz! We went inside and met up with the gang and joined the party!
The first day in the slopes were epic. Bluebird sky and good riding. Me and Mats took a chill day with tweaked out grabs and some backflips on the small jumps. I felt like a super rookie! Had problems doin' turns, hehe.
Everyday after a long day up in the hill we brought our camping chairs outside in the hot sun, cold beer on the table and the smell of a burnt pizza. Delicious!!!

The continuing days in the slopes were amazing. Bluebird sky and good times. The gang had some sick riding aswell: Ole's sick cab10's, Mats superstyle switchbs7MELON, Simon's sweet front9's and the list never ends. You could really see that everyone had a REALLY good time, and thats what its all about!

5-0 problems: Simon and StianAannestad got arrested for "making noice" after 10pm. Simon were talking with somone on his way into a pub, then the cops took him from behind and dragged him up the stairs and throwd him into a cop car. He got 200fr in fine to talk to someone. Stian did not say a word, the cops just arrested him and gave him 200fr in fine. Not just these guys, they arrested random tourists. Corrupt!!! BEWARE!!!!

The last day everyone were going out for a night on the "town". We started with some drinks at our place then everyone went out to popcorn. FUNNYFUNNY! When we got home RudiØsterhus had locked the door and went to bed. Simon and Mats had to climb up knock on his window. He would not wake up. Eventualle Simon manange to open a window and climb inside. Then, its payback time! He woke up the next day panicing. He thought he were full of blood, but it was chocolate mouse. Funny!
If you check the last picture. When me and Mats got into our room after the payback we saw that Rudi had put roadblocks up against the wall. He can't remember it,hehe.

Looking forward to come back next year!!!

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Miss-PiGGy said...

freshnes on this firstblogever luikæng!

Sisco said...

fett lekangster

Tor said...

Nice blog update!

My personal opinion of Saas fee is that the place sucks! The cheese stinks cock! and the hospital is expensive as hell! or at least the ambulance!:P

don't think i'm going back there for a while!


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