Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oslo is up!

Right now I'm packing for my stay in Oslo. I'll be there untill Januar so I tohugt "Maybe I should be packing smart this time". My father who was home when i started packing gave me some Vacum Bags and IT WAS OF THE HOOK! look at the pictures below and you will understand what i'm talking about.

Here you se a bag filled with a Cushion and a Quilt (before vacuming the bag)

Here I use the vacumcleaner to suck out the air inside the bag

Here you see the final result! It sure saves some space!

That's all for today ladies and Gents!

Soon there will be some blogging from Oslo

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Miss-PiGGy said...

freshnes steams from you young skyewalker, your blogging is beyond the moon!

Anonymous said...

Where can you get those vacum bag? :D

Beyer said...



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