Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blingz Blingz!


So i havent been bloggin fo eh while. but thats because ive been drivin around norway like a million times,,, and that on the outside of Norway! waaay too long, i do not recomend.
Anyways,, now i stoped drivin, so i am in STJØRDALN! fåo shizzl!

Its pretty fresh, close to shit and like an airport and stuff.. so iz all good, im thinkin, Vassfjellet or Oppdal or somethin $omethin?

Weeell anyways.... Since me Julie is workin at ze hotell., we getz to stayz there fåo free, witch is pretty pimp!

Here is a picture of my view in the morning!


And here is a pic of my new crib! Loook out for the new crib videoz!

Damn Straight!

Sooo Anyways,, when the wallyhorse pimped out he's car i decided to do a lill pimpin myself... all fresh all clean! checkitout!

Bling bling¤¤¤

Weeeell,, thats it?
Aight MP is Outz!

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Beyer said...

Cooool booy! really like the BIG PIMPIN on tha car! and I think you should do a real "cribs" and put up on tha blog. that would be of the hook. Zaiiigooon


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