Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Yah! Finally i found somethinz to blogg about! Ive been sleeping for like 20 days now and i feel tierd:/ hahaha naaaah, but one have to sleep after 3 months of fonna!

Anyways, im in the Mo i Rana, and its like inzanely boring. But tomorrowz im cruzin the norway to go to Miztah Håtveits Wedding. FResh!

Anyways. Checkthisshitout! Kire, and the one and only PErry the perdicoulous loney, has got a LOT of shots in The Ducksjen Teams Teaser to the Folgefonna Battery Chalonge! Checkiout!

I even got a kickass shot of this radicouluos crazy trick i do on the sled, No hander... Checkiout!


Well hope you likez PEace. more to come

And give som love bitches!

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Beyer said...

Woooho! finally some update with kickass sheisse:) btw. i suck at blogging so i shouldn*t complain about updates and shit. Nice work

Sig Tveit said...

jeee :D


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